Тенденції розвитку фондових ринків у контексті світової інтеграції. Деякі негативні аспекти світової інтеграції. Моніторинг ринку праці при трансформації ринкової економіки, страница 2

The capital amount of grant funds will be spent on treatment, care, and support of the HIV-positive patients (66,8%) and on information & educational activity (21.7%). During the first year of the project implementation more than $ 5.7 mln. are planned to spend on purchasing goods and services, including $ 1.8 mln. — on purchasing medi­caments, approximately $ 1 mln. — on diagnostics, $ 110 ths — on hospital personnel training, $ 150 ths — on preventive measures, $ 100 ths — on reconstruction of the National Centre of HIV / AIDS Preventive Measures, $ 86 ths will be spent on building a plant for syringe utilization.

Fulfillment of the obligations, accepted by Ukraine, and target use of financial assets will be inspected strictly by the GF. Grant funds are planned to be transferred quarterly after submission of the report about their use. International audit will be conducted annually.

The following bodies (table 2) are involved in the project implementation:

Table 2

Distribution of Financing Between Partners in Project Implementation

Partners in project implementation

Compo­nent 1,

ths US$

Component 2,

ths US$

Component 3,

ths US$

Component 4,

ths US$


ths US$


3 950


54 054

1 263

59 530

Nongovernmental organizations

7 530

6 542

6 575


21 634

Private sector

4 000




4 810


3 290




4 578


1 240




1 700


20 010

7 648

61 535

2 960

92 252

In order to derive and distribute grant funds a special body — Coordination Mechanism of the Country (CMC) consisting of 45 persons — will be created. Among the members will be the representatives of government, international, nongovernmental and charitable organizations, HIV-positive and AIDS patients. The Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine will head the CМС.

According to the table 2 the government will receive $ 59.5 mln., that will make 65% of the total sum of grant funds. The major share of the grant funds transferred to the government ($ 54 mln.) should be spent on treatment, care, and support of the HIV-positive and AIDS patients, the number of which in Ukraine, according to the UN experts statistics, is about 500 thousand people. For implementing project activity NGOs will receive $ 21.6 mln. or 23% of the total sum of financing. 35% of the grant funds will be spent by the NGOs on information & educational activity, 30% — on work with vulnerable groups and 30% — on assistance to HIV-positive and AIDS patients. Although the contract of the GF with the government of Ukraine was signed, the grant funds have not been transferred yet. The first payment of $ 9.034 mln. is expected in 2003.

In order to reach the millennium development goals, including HIV/AIDS pre­ven­tion, precise coordinated work of government, NGOs and common people is necessary. Besides the funds of foreign donors, internal resources of the state should be attracted. To increase the project implementation efficiency it is necessary to ensure transparency of activity of all the project executors, and also to conduct constant monitoring of grant funds target use.

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