Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 9

Ann, a beautiful 18 year-old girl, _________ (to work) in a shop in an old town of Gorontia, in Central Moldania. Her parents ________ (to be) dead. She ________ (to be) in love with a handsome young man, Boris. He ________ (to be) a revolutionary and now he _________ (to be) in prison for his revolutionary activity. Ann _______ (to sell) flowers in a florist’s shop. Ann's employer _________ (to be) very unkind to her. He _______ (to make) her work from dawn to dusk and _______ (to pay) her very little. She _________ (to dream) of a happier life. One day a royal procession ________ (to pass) in the street where her shop ________ (to be). The Grand Duke _________ (to see) Ann who ________ (to look) out of the window. He _______ (to fall) in love with her. When he _______ (to return) to his palace in the capital, he ________ (to order) his servants to bring Ann to him. When she _______ (to come) to the Palace, he ______ (to tell) her that she must become his mistress. If she ________ (to refuse), Boris will die. Ann ______ (to love) Boris and she ___________ (not to want) him to die. She ________ (to agree) to live in the palace with the old Duke. Boris is released from prison. When he _______ (to come) home, he _______ (to find) a letter from Ann. In the letter she ______ (to tell) him that she _________ (to love) him more than her life but she can never see him again. Boris _________ (to be) in despair. He _______ (to decide) to leave Moldania forever.

Act Two

Three years ________ (to pass). Ann and the Duke _______ (to be) in Paris. The Duke _______ (to be) very ill and he is dying. The doctors ________ (to tell) Ann that he ________ (to have) only several months to live. The Duke ________ (not to know) about the doctors' sentence. Only Ann ______ (to know) the truth. One day Ann _______ (to walk) in the park. Suddenly a man ________ (to stop) her. It _______ (to be) Boris. He ______ (to tell) her that he ________ (to live) in Paris now. He ______ (to be) a famous artist, rich and successful. He ______ (to be) married to a Frenchwoman, Yvette, Yvette _______ (to be) a nice woman but Boris's heart still ______ (to belong) to Ann. When he ______ (to see) her, his feelings to her ________ (to become) even stronger. Boris _______ (to ask) Ann to run away with him. Ann ______ (to be) in despair. She ________ (to know) that she still _______ (to love) Boris too, but the also ________ (to realize) that she can't leave the dying Duke who has been kind to her all this time. Boris _______ (to be) a hot-tempered man. When Ann _______ (to refuse) to go away with him, he _______ (to threaten) that he will do something terrible. At this moment a young beautiful woman with a baby in a pram _______ (to approach) them. It ______ (to be) Yvette. Ann and Boris ________ (not to see) her. She _______ (to overhear) their conversation. Suddenly Boris ________ (to turn) round and ______ (to see) his wife. He _______ (to introduce) Ann as his cousin from Moldania. Yvette _______ (to know) that he _______ (to lie) and her heart ______ (to fill) up with jealousy. She _______ (to accuse) Boris of lying to her. Ann can't stand this scene and _______ (to run) away to the hotel where she _______ (to stay) with the Duke. In front of her room her servants _______ (to meet) her. The maid _______ (to tell) her that something terrible has happened.

Step 2. Add one more act. Remember to use Present Indefinite.

***TASK 10.  Translate into English

            Один из моих бывших одноклассников – геолог. Он никогда не бывает дома больше трех месяцев в году. Весенние, летние и осенние месяцы он проводит в экспедициях. Ранней весной, зимой и поздней осенью, когда холодно и идут дожди, он живет дома со своей женой, тещей и двумя детьми. 

            В экспедициях мой друг спит в палатке, и сам готовит себе еду на костре.  Как вы думаете, что он себе готовит? Если кто-то полагает, что его меню включает бифштексы, ростбифы, пудинги с заварным кремом и клубничное мороженое с взбитыми сливками, то он очень ошибается. Мой друг совсем не любит готовить и считает, что консервированное мясо и овощи, сухие супы и растворимый кофе – самые вкусные блюда, приготовление которых не занимает много времени.