Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 58

·  Only bare infinitive is used after these verbs.

e.g.  Aunt Polly let Tom go to the river. = Тетя Поли разрешила Тому пойти на речку.

        The mother made the boys eat more porridge. = Мать заставила мальчиков съесть еще каши.

   The teacher had the class revise the rules before the test. = Учитель заставил класс повторить правила перед тестом.

*TASK 89.  Put the verbs in brackets into the correct infinitive or participle form.

1.  Is Sue in the office today? - Yes. I saw her _________ (to type) a report as I came in.

2.  I walked past the lake yesterday. - So did I. I stood for a moment to watch some children _________ (to feed) the ducks.

3.  Marie is good at playing the piano, isn't she? - Yes. I heard her _________ (to perform) in a concert last week. She was wonderful.

4.  Is Paul at home? – No. I saw him _________ (to leave) for work as I passed by.

5.  How do you know that Steve took the letter? - I noticed him _________ (to put) it in his briefcase.

6.  Did Malcolm wash up properly? - Yes, I watched him _________ (to do) it to make sure.

7.  Is that Joanne's fiancé? - Yes. I noticed them _________ (to hold) hands as they went into the cinema.

8.  Are there any children living next door? - Yes. I often hear them _________ (to play) as I'm hanging out the washing.

9.  Did Sarah miss the train? - No, she didn't, I watched her _________ (get on) the train before I left the station.

10.  Which is the best route into the city centre? - It doesn't make much difference, except I'd advise you _______ (not to use) the High Street during the rush hour.

11.  Is Mr. Wiseman free? - I don’t think so. I saw Mr. Saxild ________ (to come) into his office half and hour ago. But I didn’t notice him ________ (to leave). I do not recommend you ________ (to speak) to him now. He's in a foul mood.

12.  My parents don’t let me ________ (to come) home later than 10 pm. They make me ________ (to leave) the party when everyone else is still having fun. I hate it! - Calm down and try to see their point. They worry about you. They love you. Don’t let them ________ (to worry). Try to be considerate.

13.  Did you expect Nick _________ (to pass) his exam? - Frankly speaking, I didn’t.  I saw him _________ (to make) cribs two days before the exam and I thought it _________ (to be dishonest). - But I didn’t see him _________ (to use) them during the exam. - I know and it makes me _________ (to feel) better.

*TASK 90.  Combine two sentences using Complex Object where possible. Make the necessary changes. Follow the example.

Example. Fred got off the bus. Jane noticed that. = Jane noticed Fred get off the bus.

1.  The robbers killed the cashier. I saw it with my own eyes.

2.  Robert told a lie. Everyone heard that.

3.  The Browns have moved their house at last. I heard it yesterday.

4.  Alice was looking through the new issue of “Cosmopolitan” during the lecture. The teacher noticed that.

5.  Bob heard it again. Somebody was definitely crying in the dark.

6.  The children were listening to music. Delia saw it through the crack of the door.

7.  Derek heard a weak voice. Somebody called his name.

8.  Flora noticed Tom. He was standing in the shadow of the fountain.

9.  Fiona got embarrassed. Her cheeks flushed. She felt it and was horrified.

10.    David’s hobby is bird watching. He likes to watch how they build nests and feed their babies.

11.   After that hard work Tom’s hands trembled. He could feel it.

12.   The news upset Mary. Everyone could see that.

13.   The children were throwing stones at a stray dog. The teacher saw that.

**TASK 91.  Ask questions to the underlined words. Follow the example.

Example. Mary watched Paul leave the room. What did Mary watch Paul do?

1.  Philip heard the girl in the blue coat address the salesman.

2.  Peter felt the eyes of his fellow students rest on him.