Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 13

8.  Попробуй этот салат, мне кажется у него ужасный вкус. Наверно, они заправляют его плохим майонезом. - Мне вообще не нравится это кафе.  Я захожу сюда только в том случае, если у меня нет времени пойти в другое кафе.

9.  Я не понимаю правило, которое мистер Ладлоу сейчас объясняет.  -  Конечно, ты ведь его совсем не слушаешь. Ты смотришь на него, но не слышишь ни одного слова из его объяснения. Ты все время думаешь о чем-то другом.

*TASK 17.  Put the verbs in brackets into present simple or  present continuous.

1.  Why _________ (you/to smell) the soap? - It _________ (to smell) lovely. It's like the one my Mum used to buy.

2.  I _________ (to feel) very tired. - You should go to bed early.

3.  I _________ (to see) Andy this evening. - I _________ (see). So, you _________ (not to want) to come to the cinema with me, do you?

4.  How much _________ the bag of apples (to weigh)? - I don't know yet. The shop assistant _________ (to weigh) the bag now.

5.  I _________ (to think) about buying a new car soon. - Why? I _________ (to think) your car is fine. You don't need a new one.

6.  What _________ (you/to look) at? - The sky. It _________ (to look) as if it's going to rain.

7.  I really _________ (to enjoy) homemade food. - So do I.  I _________ (to enjoy) every bit of this delicious meal.

8.  Why _________ (you/to feel) the radiator? - I _________ (to feel) cold in here. Is the heating on?

9.   That famous, opera singer _________ (to appear) at the opera house tonight. - Yes. He _________ (appear) to be feeling better after his operation.

10.   Chris _________ (be) a sensible person, isn't he? - Yes, but in this case he _________ (to be) rather foolish.

11.   My dad _________ (to fit) the old blind from the living room in my bedroom today. - Really? _________ (it/to fit) that window?

12.   My back _________ (to hurt). - Why  you __________ (not to lie) down for a while?

13.  Why _________ (you/to taste) the soup? -  To see if it _________ (to taste) good. I think it needs more salt.

**TASK 18.  Put the verbs in the correct tense, present simple or present continuous.

Leila Markham is an environmentalist. She is being interviewed on the radio by Tony Hunt, a journalist.

Tony:  So tell me, Leila, why is it important to save the rainforests?

Leila:  There are a number of reasons. One is that many plants, which could be useful in medicine ________ (to grow) in the rainforest. We ________ (not/to know) all the plants yet, there are thousands and thousands of them. Researchers ________ (to try) to discover their secrets before they are destroyed.

Tony:  I see. What other reasons are there?

Leila:  Well, I'm sure you've heard of global warming?

Tony:  You mean, the idea that the world ________ (to get) warmer?

Leila:  That's right. The rainforests ________ (to have) an important effect on the earth's climate. They ________ (to disappear) at a terrifying rate and soon they will be gone. People ________ (not/to do) enough to save them.

Tony: But is global warming really such a problem? I ________ (to enjoy) warm sunshine.

Leila:  Well, what ________ (to happen) when you (to heat) ice?

Tony:  It ________ (to melt), of course.

Leila:  OK. The polar ice caps ________ (to consist) of millions of tons of ice. If they _______ (to melt), the level of the sea will rise and cause terrible floods. Many scientists ________ (to believe) that temperatures already ________ (to rise). We must do everything we can to prevent global warming, and that ________ (to include) preserving the rainforests!

Tony:  Thank you, Leila, and good luck in your campaign.

Leila: Thank you.

***TASK 19.  Translate into English.

Привет Пашка,