Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 35

People ever _________ (to build), anywhere or anytime. And then I remember the voyage itself, and that terrible night. All evening the passengers _________ (to enjoy) themselves. Some of them _________ (to drink) champagne and others _________ (to dance). And then came the horrifying crash.

Actually, it was just bad luck that we hit the iceberg. Another ship the Luxor, _________ (to pass) us only two hours earlier. Later I heard that it _________ (to try) to warn us of the danger ahead, but its radio _________ (to break down). In fact, when we struck the iceberg we already _________ (to sail) among small icebergs for half an hour and we already _________ (to reduce) speed. All the same, it seemed to rush at us out of the darkness. The look-out, who _________(to see) it first, tried to warn the captain, but by then it was too late.

**TASK 52.  Complete this newspaper report by making correct verb forms from the words in brackets. Sometimes there is more than one possibility.


Ron and Emma Wilson of Paisley _________ ( to have) a wonderful

surprise last week. They _________ (to discover) they _________ (to win) 200,000 pounds in the Scottish National Lottery. Emma _________ (to buy) tickets for the lottery for years, but until last week she never _________ (to win) anything. She told our reporter, 'I just _________ (to talk) to Ron about our money problems when the postman _________ (to bring) the letter that _________ (to tell) us about our win. Of course, we're very happy''

Until recently, Ron _________ (to work) at Oldfield Steelworks. But then an injury at work _________ (to force) him to retire. Indeed, the Wilsons _________ (to think) of moving to a smaller house because their present house _________ (to become) too expensive for them.

Emma said, 'All my life I _________ (to wonder) what it would be like to have enough money, and not have to count every penny. Now that this money _________ (to come along), it's like a miracle!'

The Wilsons already _________ (to decide) on some of the things they want to do with their prize. In fact, last week they _________ (to try) to buy a big new house, but the owner already _________ (to sell) it, 'Now we _________(to start) to look for another one, somewhere near the place we love best, the Scottish Highlands.'

**TASK 53.  Read the sentences given below, find the ones that have mistakes and correct them.

1.  When did he died?

2.  I had been working when the fire started.

3.  He didn't gave me the money.

4.  Why you didn't come for classes yesterday?

5.  How long do you live in this city?

6.  The accident has happened at 6:45 this morning.

7.  They got married five years ago.

8.  When he came to the U.S., he had never studied English before.

9.  He has been married for ten years. He got divorced two years ago.

10.   She had left her dictionary in the library yesterday.

11.   He wants to be a doctor ever since he was a little boy.

12.   They were watching TV at 9:30 last night.

13.   They were living in Germany when the war broke off.

14.   While they were living in Thailand, they were studying English.

15.   I am studying English for five years now.

16.   I'm a nurse now. I had been a nurse for ten years.

***TASK 54.  Translate into English.

1.  Фрэнк, я слышал, ты нашел новую работу. – Да, я очень рад. Мне нравится и мой новый начальник и люди, с которыми я буду работать, и мой новый офис.  – А как долго ты искал это место? – Очень долго. К тому времени, как я его нашел, я уже потерял всякую надежду. Но мне очень повезло, едва я позвонил в эту фирму, как меня пригласили на собеседование. – Я тоже рад за тебя. Удачи тебе. – Спасибо.

2.  Два месяца назад моя подруга бросила курить. Это было для нее нелегко, так как она курила с восьмого класса. Она несколько раз пыталась это сделать, но каждый раз ей не хватало силы воли. Кроме того, почти все девочки в ее университетской группе тоже курили. – Так что же помогло ей? – Парень, в которого она влюбилась. Он не курит и терпеть не может, когда кто-то курит в его присутствии, особенно девчонки. – А ты уверена, что твоя подруга не начнет снова курить, если ей понравится другой парень? – Надеюсь, что нет.