Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 42

            Без всяких сомнений, фильм станет лучшим из современных фильмов и получит несколько Оскаров. Венди, естественно, вручат высшую награду Каннского фестиваля за лучший сценарий.

            К 30 годам Венди напишет еще несколько замечательных романов, и они все будут экранизированы.

            Когда Венди исполнится  40 лет, ее официально признают «Королевой Романа», и английский монарх  присвоит ей титул пожизненного пэра.

            Что она будет делать дальше, Венди еще не придумала, потому что ей надо срочно решить 3 труднейшие задачи по физике.

**TASK 64.  Put the verbs in brackets into the correct future tense form.

1.  Your house is very small. – I know ____________ (to move) to a bigger house next year.

2.  I have got a new job! - Wonderful! I ____________ (to call) Mum and tell her the good news.

3.  How old is your daughter? – She ____________ (to be) fourteen next week.

4.  I must phone Julia. - Well, don't phone her now. She ____________ (to sleep) till 8.

5.  Have you been living here long? - Yes. By next month, I ____________ (to live) here for ten years.

6.  Are you having a party next weekend? - Yes. I hope I ____________ (to finish) decorating the house by then.

7.  What are your plans for tonight? - Well, I ____________  (to meet) Steve at eight o'clock.

8.  I must buy some bread. - You'd better hurry. The shops ____________ (to close) in half an hour.

9.  Shall I call you at ten o'clock tomorrow? - No. I ____________  (to leave) for work by then.

10.   Are you coming to the disco on Friday night? - I can't. I ____________  (to study) for my exam then.

11.   Are you excited about going to California? - Yes! This time tomorrow I ____________  (to fly) across the Atlantic.

12.   Let’s call John. It's already seven o'clock. - Yes. John ____________  (to leave) the office by now.

13.   There's somebody at the door. - Oh. That ____________  (to be) the postman.

14.   I've left my jacket at home. – I ____________  (to go) back and get it for you.

15.   Have you booked a taxi to take you to the airport? - Yes. It ____________  (to come) at eight o'clock in the morning.

16.   Are you nervous about the interview? - Yes. This time tomorrow, I ____________ (to talk) to the managing director.

17.   I can't go to the party on Saturday. I ______________ (to leave) for Spain on Friday night.

**TASK 65.  Use one of the future tense forms to fill in the gaps

Part A.  My car is being repaired and I don't know when it __________ (to be) ready. I doubt whether I  __________ (to be able to) collect it before the weekend. I wonder if John  __________ (to give) me a lift to the party on Saturday. I'll ask him when he  __________ (to come) home.

Part B.   I was calling to ask if you'd like to go out after we  __________ (to finish) work tomorrow or if you  __________  (to want) to watch a video instead.

Call me back as soon as you  __________ (to get) in. I'll wail until I  __________ (to hear) from you.

Part C.   I will leave the hotel early in case there  __________  (to be) a lot of traffic. I don't know how long the journey  __________  (to take) or what time the plane  __________ (to land), but I  __________ (to call) you as soon as I  __________ (to arrive) at the airport. Then, I will wait until you  __________ (to come) to collect me.

Part D.   Paula is drinking tea as she is waiting for Charles. She wonders if he  __________ (to be) late as usual. She will wait until the clock  __________ (to strike) five and then she will call him in case he  __________ (to forget).

***TASK 66.  Translate into English.

1.  Ты уже закончил писать свое сочинение? – еще нет, Но я уверен, что я закончу его вовремя.

2.  Я еще не решила окончательно, что я надену на вечеринку к Эллен. – Уже поздно. Если ты сейчас не начнешь одеваться и причесываться, мы опоздаем. – Ну, тогда я надену свой новый голубой костюм.