Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 46

*TASK 69.  Complete the sentence. Follow the example.

Example.  'You should spend more time studying,' - The teacher advised me to spend more time studying.

1.  'Don't forget to lock the door before you leave.' - Sam reminded ____________

2.  'I'm sorry I forgot to call you.' - Jim apologized ____________

3.  'You never listen to me. Stuart.' - Mary complained ____________

4.  'Shall we go bowling this evening?' - Mark suggested ____________

5.  'You mustn't play near the road.' - Father forbade ____________

6.  'This man stole my wallet!' – Mr. Brown accused ____________

7.  'I'm the best basketball player in the school.' - Steve boasted ____________

8.  'Yes, I took the letter.' - Claire admitted ____________

9.  'You must stay for lunch, Sarah.' – Mrs. Stamp insisted ____________

10.   'Please, please, let me borrow your bicycle.' - Martin begged ____________

11.   'Don't touch the oven. It's hot.' - Mother warned ____________

**TASK 70.  Fill in the gaps with one of the introductory verbs from the list below. Follow the example.

Example.  'I'm the fastest runner on the team,' he said. – He boasted about (of) being the fastest runner on the team.

to deny            to suggest       to boast           to agree          to advise         to warn

to insist           to accuse        to promise      to complain     to threaten     to remind

to order          to allow           to exclaim          

1.  'I didn't take your jacket,' John said to his brother.

2.  'You should go to the doctor's,' Mum said to me.

3.  'I'll call you next week,' Mary said to Peter.

4.  'Yes, I'll set the table for dinner,' the husband said to his wife.

5.  'He always forgets my birthday,' Jane said.

6.  'Let's go for a walk,' the owner said to his dog.

7.  'Leave, or I'll shoot,' the man said to the boys.

8.  'Don't forget to feed the cat,' mum said to Liz.

9.  'You broke my CD player,' the sister said to him.

**TASK 71.  Turn the sentences given below into reported speech using an appropriate introductory verb. Follow the example.

Example. "No, I won't do your homework for you,' she said to me. - She refused to do my homework for me.

1.  'You lied to me,' Dennis told Ann.

2.  'I promise I won't tell anyone your secret,' Tara said to Diana.

3.  ‘Don't forget to post the letters,' Mum said to me.

4.  'I'm sorry I ruined your shirt,' Sarah told Frances.

5.  'No, I didn't use Tim's computer,' George said.

6.  'Don't get too close to the fire,' Mike said to the children.

7.  'Let's have a party,' Simon said.

8.  'I'll punish you if you behave badly,' Mum told the twins.

9.  'It was me who broke the vase,' she said.

10.   'Could I use your phone, please?' David asked me.

11.   'Yes, I'll help you with the washing-up.' Sandra told me.

12.   'Everyone stop talking!' Mr Jones told the class.

13.   Please, please, don't tell anyone about this,' he said to us.

14.   You should go to the dentist's,' she told her brother.

15.   'Children, sit down'' the school bus driver said.

16.   'Throw down your weapons!' the policeman said to the robbers.

17.   'No, you may not stay out late tonight,' Dad said to Louise.

18.   'You must wash your hands before eating dinner,' she told the children.

19.   'That's the most beautiful necklace I've ever seen!' Amanda said.

**TASK 72.  Turn the sentences given below into Reported speech observing the Sequence of Tenses. Try to use different introductory verbs. Follow the example.

Example.  'What is your name?'  the receptionist at the hotel asked me.  The receptionist at the hotel asked me what my name was.

1.  'Where are your parents?' Uncle Bill asked us.

2.  'Will you help me carry the box, please?' Dad asked me.

3.  'What time will you be home?' Mum asked me.

4.  'Can you play the guitar?' the Boy Scout leader asked Jim.