Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 33

6.  The baby __________ (to cry) for half an hour before it finally __________ (to fall) asleep.

7.  The children __________ (to wait) for an hour when the school bus __________ (to arrive).

8.  The burglar __________ (to get away) by the time the police __________ (to arrive).

9.  She __________ (to dig) in the garden for three hours when she __________ (to stop) for a break.

10.   By the time he __________ (to be) eighteen he __________ (to become) a professional athlete.

11.   How long __________ (they/to dance) in competitions when they __________ (to retire)?

12.   By the time we __________ (to join) them, they __________ (to order) their meal.

13.   Nick __________ (to be) tired as he __________ (to fix) the computer system since eight o’clock that morning.

Part 2

1.  Why was she exhausted when we __________ (to come)? - Well, she  __________ (to study) for hours.

2.  Why __________ he (not to have) anything to eat at the restaurant at lunch? – He said he __________ (already/to eat) at home.

3.  __________ (Peter/to finish) cleaning the pool when you __________ (to arrive)? - No, he hadn't, though he ___________(to do ) it since morning.

4.  Why they __________ (to give) him a promotion? - He deserved it because he __________ (to work) hard all year.

5.  How long __________ (they/to cycle) before they __________ (to stop) for a rest? - For five hours.

6.  Frank __________ (to graduate) last year? - No, he didn't. Although he __________ (almost/ to complete) his studies, he __________ (to drop) out in the last term.

7.  What did you think of the modem art exhibition? - It was fantastic! I __________ (never/ to see) such beautiful works of art before.

8.  Alice __________ (to be) very tired. She __________ (to travel) by train for three long days and __________ (to forget) what it __________ (to be) like to have a good night's sleep.

9.  Hugh __________  (not/ to relax) all week. It __________ (to be) almost 8 o'clock on Friday morning and his physics exam __________ (to be) about to begin. Although he __________ (to study) hard, he __________  (not/ to feel) confident.

10.   It __________ (to be) almost time. Daisy __________ (to sit) in front of the mirror brushing her hair for about an hour. As she __________ (to put on) her veil she __________ (to notice) that her hands __________ (to tremble). She __________ (to wait) for this moment all her life. In less than an hour she would finally be Donald's wife.

**TASK 48.  Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.

Part A.

When Simon _________ (to arrive) at the cinema, dozens of people _________ (to queue) outside. They _________ (to wait) to see the same film as Simon. Simon, however, _________  (to buy) a ticket in advance, so he _________ (to walk) straight to the front of the queue and _________ (to enter) the cinema. He _________ (to feel) relieved that he didn't have to queue. He _________ (to reach) his seat just as the lights _________ (to go down) for the start of the film.

Part B.

Last weekend, Cathy _________ (to hire) a car and _________ (to drive) to the seaside. When she _________ (to arrive) the wind _________ (to blow) and the sky _________ (to be) cloudy. She _________ (to get out) of the car and _________ (to take) a walk along the seafront. Then she _________ (to decide) to go for fish and chips at a nearby restaurant that she, _________ (to see) earlier and liked the look of. By the time she _________  (to leave) the restaurant, it already _________ (to grow) dark. As she _________ (to walk) to her car it _________ (to begin) to rain. However, Cathy_________ (not to mind) because she _________ (to have) a wonderful day.

Part C.