Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 22

  1. What you ____________(to do)? -  Nothing. I just ____________ (to finish) my lunch.
  2. Where you ____________ (to be) all morning? – I ____________ (to clean) my house since 8 o'clock.
  3. You ____________ (to do) anything next weekend? - No, I ____________ (not to make) any plans yet.
  4. Jane looks great. She (to lose) ____________weight? - Yes, she ____________ (exercise) a lot recently
  5. You ___________ (to be) busy right now? -  Yes, I just ____________ (to start) typing this report.
  6. Where is Peter? – He ____________ (to wash) the car at the moment
  7. Who ____________ (to be) your favourite actor? - I ____________ (to like) Sean Connery since I was a child.
  8. You ____________ (to do) your homework yet? – Almost. I ____________ (to do) it now.
  9. Why you ____________ (to be) so angry? – Somebody (to use) my toothbrush!
  10.  Samantha always ____________ (to be keen) on tennis. She ____________ (play) with friends every weekend.
  11.  Tim and Matilda ____________ (to be) married since 1991. They ____________ (to rent) this small house since then.
  12.  Uncle Bill ____________ just (to decorate) the bathroom. It is so nice!
  13.  Pauline and Tom ____________ (to sing) in the school choir twice a week for two years now.
  14.  Who you ____________ (to speak) to for an hour? The line ____________ (to be) busy all this time!
  15.  Sarah is very happy. It is the first time she ____________ (to win) a poetry competition.
  16.  Dad ____________ (to be) very nervous lately. He ____________ (to drink) seven cups of coffee since morning.
  17.  My friend ____________ (to live) in America at the moment.
  18.  I doubt that we can trust Mr. Green.  He ____________ (to change) seven jobs in the last five years.
  19.  We ____________ (to play) in a concert next weekend that is why we ____________ (to rehearse) so hard all last week.
  20.  Who ____________ (to read) my diary?  It ____________ (to lie) in the wrong place!
  21.  Sorry, Tim just (to go).  He ____________ (to leave) the house at 7 o'clock every morning.
  22.  Your mother ____________ (to work) in a bank? No, she just (to change) her job.

Part B

Dear Nick,

This is just a short note to tell you I __________ (to arrive) at the airport at 5 pm on Saturday, 10th December. I __________ (to be) very busy recently, and that's why I _________ (not to write) to you for a while. I __________ (to plan) this trip for months, so now I __________ (to look forward) to spending some time with you and your family. I __________ (to hope) you will be able to meet me at the airport. Please, give my love to your wife and the children.                           

See you soon,


**TASK 31.  Fill in the gaps with the verbs from the box, putting them into the right present tense.

to use              to begin           to produce      to turn            to give up        to destroy      

to start            to provide       to pollute        to change        to live              to decrease    

to disappear  


Life on earth _________ (1). Are you aware of the damage being done to our planet? First of all, we all know that trees __________(2) oxygen and homes for animals. However, trees __________(3) because of fires and logging. Fortunately, many governments__________(4) to plant new trees.

Secondly, we also know that many different species of fish __________(5) on coral reef.  They may die because fishermen __________(6) coral reefs. Though some fishermen __________(7) fishing near coral reefs and it is a good sign.

Thirdly, many people __________(8) coal and oil as fuel for heating in their homes. Coal and oil supplies __________ (9). But there are some people, who __________(10) to other sources of fuel for heating and they can be a good example for others.

Fourthly, we all know that ocean life__________(11) 90% of our oxygen. Instead of protecting it, we __________(12) the oceans with rubbish. However some people  __________(13) to recycle rubbish instead of throwing it all away.