Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 21

*TASK 28.  Put the verbs in brackets into Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous.

Part 1.

  1. How long you ________ (to know) Alison? - We ________ (to be) friends since we were children.
  2. Who ________ (to use) the car? – I was. Is there a problem? – Yes, it won’t start!
  3. I (not to see) David and Andrew since morning. Where are they? - They ________ (to work) in the garden for three hours.
  4. Why is Sally upset? – She ________ (to lose) her bag.
  5. I always ________  (to believe) that exercise is good for you. - Of course, it's good to keep fit.
  6. Emily ________ (to teach) maths since she left university. - Yes, and she's a very good teacher, too.
  7. Fred ________ (to open) a new shop. - Really? Where is it?
  8. This pie is delicious. - Is it? I ________  (not to taste) it yet.
  9. You (to find) your umbrella yet? - No, I ________ (to look) for it for an hour now.
  10.  You look exhausted. - Well. I ________ (to clean) the windows since 8 o'clock this morning.
  11.  Can 1 have some more lemonade, please? - Sorry, your brother just ________ (to drink) it all.
  12.  Have you got new neighbours? - Yes, they just ________ (to move) to the area.
  13.  Tortoises live to be very old. – Yes, I ________ (to hear) of one which is over a hundred years old.
  14.  Are you still busy? – Yes, I ________ (to read) this article for an hour and I still ________ (not to finish) it.
  15.  Why are your shoes wet? – I ________ (to wash) the car.
  16.  You ________ (to make) plans for Saturday yet? – Yes, we are going to the movies.
  17.  Are you ready for the concert? – I hope so. I ________ (to practise) for weeks.

Part 2.

Dear Connie,

I hope you are enjoying yourself at university. I'm sure you  ________ (to study) hard the whole term. Everything is fine here at home. Billy just ________ (to receive) his school report. It was bad, as usual. He  ________ (to decide) to leave school next year and find a job.  Fiona  ________ (to go) to the gym every day for the past two weeks. She ________ (to try) to get in shape for the summer. She already ________ (to plan) her holiday in the sun. Your father  ________ (to sell) the old car and he  ________ (to buy) a new one. It's lovely, much nicer than the old one. Anyway, write soon.   

                                                                                    Love. Mum.                    

**TASK 29.  Spot and correct mistakes in the sentences given below.

  1. Liz and I are good friends. We know each other for four years.
  2. Sarah is very tired. She is working hard all day.
  3. 'Where is John?' - 'He's upstairs. He has been doing his homework.'
  4. Jane is finishing cleaning her room, and now she is going out with her friends.
  5. I didn't recognize Tom. He is looking so different in a suit.
  6. I don't need to wash my car. Jim has been washing it for me already.
  7. Ian is talking to his boss for an hour now.
  8. Claire's train is arriving at 3 o'clock. I must go and meet her at the station.
  9.  'Would you like to borrow this book?' - 'No, thanks. I read it before."
  10.  'Where do you go?' -  'To the pictures. Would you like to come with me?'
  11.  Are you seeing my bag? I am searching for it all morning.
  12.  'Is Colin here?' - 'I don't know. I haven't been seeing him all day.'
  13.  Sophie is very clever. She is speaking seven different languages.
  14.  We move house tomorrow. Everything is packed.

*TASK 30.  Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present tense.  Make all the necessary changes.

Part A.