Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 8

1.  to box             

2.  to brush          

3.  to buy             

4.  to complete    

5.  to cry              

6.  to defend        

7.  to spend

8.  to deny           

9.  to destroy       

10.  to excite         

11.  to expect        

12.  to fry              

13.  to guess          

14.  to rush

15.  to take

16.  to pray            

17.  to reach          

18.  to receive       

19.  to watch         

20.  to want           

21.  to fetch

22.  to say 

23.  to restore        

24.  to pronounce  

25.  to shout          

26.  to weep

27.  to sing

28.  to sleep

29.  to ask 

30.  to jump

*TASK 7.  Mrs. Robinson is writing a letter to her grandson Tim, to thank him for a kitten he gave her. Write each verb given in brackets with the correct Present Simple verb ending.

Dear Tim,

I want to thank you for the lovely kitten you gave me. I __________ (to call) her Sheba and she __________ (to have ) some lovely ways.  She always __________ (to come) when I __________ (to call) her, and when I __________ (to open) a tin of cat food she always __________ (to hurry) to eat it.  Then, when she has finished her milk, she __________ (to jump) onto my lap.  If you __________ (to hang) a piece of string in front of her, she always __________ (to try) to catch it. Sometimes she __________ (to play) with a little rubber mouse if I __________ (to throw) it in front of her. But she __________ (to scratch) everyone who (to pull) her tail too hard!  And when my neighbour’s son __________ (to come), she usually __________ (to go) out of the room, I think she's afraid of him.

            On warm days she __________ (to lie) outside in the garden. Sometimes she __________ (to watch) the birds for hours, but she never (to catch) any of them.

            When Mrs. Ross, the cleaner, is working here, Sheba often __________ (to chase) the vacuum cleaner. But Mrs. Ross __________ (to say) she's the best cat in the world, and all of us here __________ (to agree) with her.


                        Your grandma

**TASK 8.  Rita, a reporter for Music News, is interviewing Lou Belize, who writes songs and sings for a successful pop group. Complete Rita’s questions using the given prompts. The first question is done for you.

Rita:  Tell me, Lou, where do you write your songs?

Lou:  Well, I write a lot of them in hotels and on buses.  Anywhere, really.

Rita.  ___________________________________(other members of the group?)

Lou:  Yes, Simon, the guitarist, writes some.

Rita:  ___________________________________(a song –good enough?)

Lou:  We decide together, after we've tried it out.

Rita:  _____________________________________ (How long?)

Lou:  It varies. Sometimes it takes only minutes, but sometimes it takes days and days.

Rita:  __________________________________________ (ideas for your songs?)

Lou:  Often they come from newspapers, things I've read about.

Rita:  __________________________________________(time together, outside performances and the recording studios?)

Lou:  No, we don't really spend much time together.  We like to be on our own when we can.

Rita:  ___________________________________(your mother - of your success?)

Lou:  Oh, she thinks it's wonderful.

Rila:  _____________________________________________(she - your songs?)

Lou:  Not really. She likes other kinds of music.

**TASK 9.  You are going to read the first two acts of the opera libretto (synopsis).

Step 1.  Use the verbs in brackets in the correct form and read the libretto.


Opera in three acts by Zoltan Grzhijavina

 Act One