Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 51

*TASK 77.  Change the sentences given below into passive, where possible.

1.  The nanny takes the children to the park every day.

2.  They didn’t come home late last night.

3.  Meg asked the policeman for directions.

4.  I left very early yesterday afternoon.

5.  Someone is repairing the garden fence.

6.  Charles is moving house next month.

7.  The letter arrived two days ago.

8.  Do they teach Latin at this school?

9.  I don't like people pointing at me.

10.  Michael has made the 3 grammar mistakes.

11.  Is Tim cleaning the house?

12.  Who built the Pyramids?

13.  Someone is cleaning the windows.

14.  I don't like people laughing at me.

15.  People spend a lot of money on food.

16.  Is Sue washing the car?

17.  Who’s made this mess?

18.  Grandfather is going to tell the children a story.

19.  They will open the new sports centre soon.

20.  Who broke this mug?

21.  They sent for the doctor two hours ago.

22.  I’m sure, the Jury will have reached a verdict by the morning.

23.  The teacher will mark the essays in three days’ time.

24.  Clive hasn't cut the grass yet.

25.  They may not repair the car this week.

26.  The police are questioning the suspects.

27.  Had Helen closed the door before she left the house?

**TASK 78.  Fill in blanks using the correct active or passive form of the verbs given in brackets.

1.  In recent years, Americans ____________ (to become) more concerned about their health.

2.  People also __________  (to take) more interest in good health and nutrition lately.

3.  They want _________ (to warn) about the possible dangers of some products.

4.  Manufacturers____________  (to make) to put warning labels on certain products.

5.  Some foods and drugs that may be dangerous for people’s health ___________ (to take) off the market.

6.  Several years ago cancer-causing substances ____________ (to find) in saccharin.

7.  Experiments  ____________ (to do) on rats but a danger to humans  ____________ (not to prove).

8.  Nevertheless manufacturers  ____________ (to require) to put a warning label on products that contain saccharin.

9.  Cancer-causing substances  ____________ (to find) in cigarettes.

10.  Consumers ____________ (to inform) immediately by radio and TV.

11.  Warnings ____________ (to put) on cigarette packages and most Americans very soon ____________ (to react) to that and __________ (to give up) smoking.

12.  Many restaurant managers ____________ (to add) nonsmoking sections.

13.   Smoking ____________ (to prohibit) on domestic airline flights.

14.   In the last decades many useful drugs  ____________(to develop) but unfortunately a cure for cancer ____________ (not to find) yet.

**TASK 79.  Change the sentences in the texts  given below into passive.

Part A.

Someone broke into the National Gallery late last night. The thieves had broken the alarm

system before they climbed through a window. They stole some priceless works of art. They used a getaway car to escape. The police have questioned some suspects. They have not caught the thieves yet.

Part B.

Yesterday afternoon, a volcanic eruption destroyed an entire village.  Mount Sirius, which experts though dormant, erupted at 3 pm. Tourists had seen smoke rising from the mouth of the volcano two days before. The police moved the villagers away from the area for their own safety. Tons of lava and rock came out of the volcano and wrecked houses, roads and trees. Although the blast physically injured only a few people, doctors are treating many for shock. The authorities are making the area surrounding Mount Sirius clear in case of further activity.

Part C.