Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 39

Nola:   I remember the accident you had on the way.

Peter:   Oh, don't worry. I  ________ (not to have) an accident this time. And the car (not to break down), either if I  ________ (to have it serviced) at the nearest weekend.

Nola:  We  ________ (to need) our sleeping bags. They're in the loft I expect they're damp and dirty. If we  ________ (to take) them like this, we  ________ (not to be able) to sleep in them.

Peter:   That's all right I  ________ (to get them down) this evening, I (to wash) them in the morning, and then I  ________ (to hang) them out in the garden to dry.

Nola:   Wonderful! So we ________ (to leave) as soon as the results ________ (to come out).


Formation:   will/shall + be + Present Participle

e.g.  Don’t call me at 10 tomorrow. – Will you be sleeping at that time? – No, I won’t be sleeping, I’ll be working.

Future Continuous is used:

1.  For an action, which will be in progress at a stated future time,

e.g. This time next week our group will be writing a grammar test.

2.  For an action which will definitely happen in the future as the result of a routine or arrangement,

e.g. Don’t call Jane, I’ll be seeing her later, so I’ll pass the message on.

3.  When we ask politely about someone's plans for the near future (what we want to know is if our wishes fit in with their plans.)

e.g. Will you be using the computer for long? – No. Why? – I need to correct some places in my term paper.

**TASK 58. Use the verbs in brackets in the correct future form.

Part A.

Ula and Pam are air-hostesses. Ula has been chosen to fly on an interesting new route.

Ula:   Guess what, Pam! From next month I ___________ (to fly) on the new London-Hong Kong route!

Pam:    Well, that's exciting!  ___________ (to fly) via Dubai or via Bahrain?

Ula:    Neither. We ___________ (to stop) at Muscat, in Oman, they probably (to ask) me to work on the first stage, London-Oman.

Pam:    Do you know who you ___________ (to fly) with?

Ula:   I think it ___________ (to be) Captain Bond. And if it is, I expect he ___________ (to give) us a hard time.

Pam:  Oh, he's OK. You ___________  (not to have) any problems with him. But you  ___________ (to do) something for me?

Ula:     What's that?

Pam:   When you're in Oman, you ___________( to buy) some cloth for me? I ___________ (to pay) for it, of course.

Ula:   OK. Of course, I don't know yet how long I (to stay) in Oman between flights. I ___________ (not be able) to go on any shopping trips immediately. But I'm sure they ___________ (to give) us time for sightseeing eventually. I certainly ___________ (to buy) some things for you, if you can wait a while.

Part B.

Greg is talking to his personal assistant, Brian, about a business trip he is taking tomorrow.

Greg:   Have you completed the arrangements for my trip yet, Brian?

Brian:   Well, I've made the reservations, but there are still some details to confirm. Your plane ___________ (to leave) at eight-thirty, so I ___________ (to collect) you from your house at six.

Greg:  Six! I ___________ (to have to) get up in the middle of the night!

Brian: I'm sorry, it's unavoidable. You have to check in by seven and I think there probably ___________ (to be) a long queue.

Greg:   Oh, very well. What about my meetings?

Brian:   First, the Managing Director ___________ (to come) to the airport to meet you.

Greg:   Good. We ___________ (to be) able to talk on the way to the factory.

Brian:   The conference ___________  (not to open) until noon. I ___________ (to  make sure) you have a programme before you leave.

Greg:    Thank you. I ___________ (to read) it on the plane, I expect. Now, let's get on with some of today's work!

Brian: By all means.

**TASK 59.  Julia is going on her first business trip. Julia’s mum is a very fussy person. She is worried about Julia too much. Julia is telling her mum about her itinerary. Think of the questions her mum is asking.

Julia:      I am flying to Vienna on June 28.