Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 11

*TASK 12.  Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous.

1.  You _________ (to know) that man over there? - Actually, I do. He's Muriel's husband.

2.  You _________ (to do) anything tomorrow evening? - Yes. I ________ (to see) Jack at nine o'clock.

3.  I _________ (to see) you _________ (to feel) better. - Yes, I am, thank you.

4.  What's that noise? - The people next door  _________ (to have) a party.

5.  Graham _________ (to have) a new computer. - I know. I've already seen it.

6.  This dress _________ (not/to fit) me any more. - Why don't you buy a new one?

7.  Your perfume _________ (to smell) nice. What is it? - It's a new perfume called Sunshine.

8.  What is Jane doing? - She _________ (to smell) the flowers in the garden.

9.  What _________ (you/to look) at? - Some photos I took during my holidays. They aren't very good, though.

10.   You _________ (to look) very pretty today. - Thank you. I've just had my hair cut.

11.    I _________ (to think) we're being followed. - Don't be silly! It's just your imagination.

12.   Is anything wrong? - No. I _________ (just/to think) about the test tomorrow.

13.   This fabric_________ (to feel) like silk. - It is silk, and it was very expensive.

14.   What you _______ (to do)? - I _________ (to feel) the radiator to see if it's getting warm.

15.   She _________ (to be) generous, isn't she? - Yes, she has never been a mean person.

16.   He _________ (to be) very quiet today, isn't he? - Yes, I think he has some problems.

17.   Would you like some cherries? - Yes, please I _________ (to love) cherries.  They're my favourite fruit.

18.   I'm sorry, but I _________ (not to understand) what you mean. - Shall I explain it again?

19.   The children ________ (to make) lots of noise today. - I know, but they _________ (to have) fun.

20. This cake _________ (to taste) awful. - I ________ (to think) I forgot to put the sugar in it.

**TASK 13.  Les has just met his friend, Adrian, outside the student club. Complete their conversation, using the right form of the verb given in each sentence.

Les:    Hello, Adrian. ___________ (you, to wait) for someone?

Adrian:            Yes. Carol __________ (to attend) a meeting in the club.

Les:    I didn't know she was keen on sport.

Adrian:            Oh, but she is. She __________ (to plan) to run in a marathon in August.

Les:                 ___________ (she, to train) very hard for it?

Adrian:  I'll say! In fact, she __________ (to hope) to run twenty miles this evening, after the meeting.

Les:    Good for her! But why you ___________ (not to take) more exercise yourself?  You __________ (to put on) weight, you know!

Adrian:   I __________ (to try) to lose weight by playing snooker.

Les:                 Snooker? That's not real exercise, I __________ (to play) squash,

Adrian:   But squash is a killing game. __________ (you, to look for) an early death?

Les:     Don'1 be silly! __________ (we not try) to be champions or anything like that, we just __________ (to keep) fit, that's all.

Adrian:   What __________ (you, to do) this morning? 

Les:    I __________ (to wait) for Jenny. She __________ (to write) some letters for the club. The club __________ (to organize) a big end-of-term dinner, you know.

Adrian:  Careful, Les. You'll put on weight, too!

*TASK 14.  The staff at Finefashions Ltd are all doing different things during the holidays. Choose the verb, which has the right meaning in each blank, and write its correct form. The verbs in brackets are sometimes in the right order, and sometimes not.

1  Jeff ________ sailing, so he ________ a boat with some friends. (to take out/to like)

2.  Maria ________ a week in Italy because she ________ Italian relatives. (to have/to spend)

3.  Barry and Kate ________ cold, wet weather. Because of this they ________ to Spain, where it's sure to be warm. (to fly/to hate)