Практична граматика англійської мови для першокурсників. Частина II: Навчально-методичний посібник з граматики, страница 50


* A side effect is a secondary effect of a drug. Often it is a bad effect.

**When a drug is abused, it is used for something other than a medical purpose.


*TASK 75.  Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive tense.

Part A.

1.  That's a lovely shirt. Is it new? - Yes, It ____________ (to buy) for me by my grandmother.

2.  When do you have to have this report ready? - Well, it must ____________ (to hand in) by Tuesday.

3.  Did you read the newspaper this morning? – No. It ____________ (not to deliver) by the time I left for work.

4.  Where is your car? - At the garage. It ____________ (to repair).

5.  Do you know your exam results yet? – No. They ____________ (not to announce) yet.

6.  Are you going to make dinner tonight? – No. It ____________ (to make) by Simon. He promised to do it.

7.  Have you finished your homework yet? - No, but it ____________ (to finish) by eight o'clock.

8.  Who waters your plants for you when you're away? - They____________ (to water) by my neighbour.

9.  Who takes Sam to school every day? – He ____________ (to drive) by his mother.

10.   Don’t come into the room, Jane. – Why? – It ____________ (to paint).

Part B.

John:  Do you still work at Browns and Co?

Ted:  Yes. I do. I ____________ (to employ) by Mr. Brown for five years now, you know.

John:  Oh. Do you still enjoy it?

Ted:  Oh yes! I ____________ (to give) a promotion last year and I'm very happy.

John:  A promotion? So, what is your job now?

Ted:  I ____________ (to make) Head of European Sales.

      John:  So, what do you do?

      Ted:  Well, sometimes I  ____________ (send) to other countries on business.

      John:  I see. Do they pay you well?

      Ted:  Well, I ____________ (to pay) quite well and I expect I ____________ (to give) a pay rise soon.

     John:  Good for you!

Part C.

The Academy Awards Presentation first ___________ (to organize) in 1929 and since then, it ____________ (to hold) every year. The presentation ____________ (to attend) by those at the top of the film industry and ____________ (to watch) on TV by millions of viewers who want to see who ____________ (to present) with the golden statue which ____________ (to desire) by everyone in the motion picture world.

            The voting for the Academy Awards ____________(to conduct) secretly and the results ____________ (not to reveal) to anyone until the envelope ____________ (to open) on stage in front of the audience. Awards ____________ (to give) for the best individual or collective work and ____________ (to separate) into different categories.

Up to five nominations ____________ (to make) in each category. The awards, which ____________ (to know) as Oscars, ____________ (to consider) to be the highest honour anyone in the film industry can ____________ (to give).

*TASK 76.  Fill in the blanks in the sentences given below with the prepositions “by” or “with”.

1.  Joanne was woken up ______ a loud noise.

2.  The parcel was tied up ______ a string.

3.  John was told off ______ his mother.

4.  This picture was painted ______ a famous artist.

5.  The chair was covered ______ a woolen blanket.

6.  The walls were decorated  ______ posters.

7.  My car was repaired ______ my father.

8.  This dessert was made ______ fresh cream.

9.  The door was opened ______John.

10.   The lock was broken ______ a hammer.

11.   This book was written ______my favourite author.

12.   The cake was decorated ______ icing.

13.   The tiger was shot ______ a gun.

14.   Claire was shouted at ______ her teacher.

15.   In the train Mr. Black was hit on the head ______ an umbrella.

16.  The tree was burnt ______ a lighting.

17.  This machine is operated _____ electricity.