Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 9

5.  Find the Russian equivalents in right hand column: 

1.  pressure                                                                 1. спрос

2.  recent                                                                     2. разработка

3.  demand                                                                  3. установка

4.  legislation                                                                         4. недавний

5.  explosion                                                              5. потребитель

6.  consumer                                                              6. опасность

7.  costs                                                                       7. законодательство

8.  plant                                                                       8. трение

9.  development                                                         9. давление

10.                                                                               10. взрыв

11.                                                                               11. затраты

6.  Translate the following sentences into Russian, paying attention to negation:

1.  Because smoke produced by friction gives rise less than 10% of the pollution caused glow combustion using wood chips.

2.  At present the population does not consume a large amount of mussel product is, in comparison to Western Europe. 

3.  None the len, in the view of some experts production volume could potentially reach some 50,000 tomes.

4.  The smaller the quantity of air added to the steam / air mixture, the smaller, the proportion  of non considerable smoke released into the atmosphere as waste air.

5.  Failure to observe environmental protection reguirement may cause sometimes explosions and personal injuries.

6.  No business climate is of course hard, the bureaucracy is frustrating, the financial terms are unfavorable, and many practical things do not function.

7.  Fill in the blanks using the words given below:

1.  This pollution has increasingly become an important … due to pressure from both the public and regulatory authorities.

2.  Large scale use of smoke … the food industry is no more than 50 years old.

3.  Industrial smoking let to the … of varians process ing techniques the smoking and longer permeation of fish.

4.  There are basically two … of smoking both of them used smoking.

5.  The of liquid smoke are considerable and can often be more expensive, than the use of an afterburning system.

6.  During the smoking … there is usually in air intake and so no resulting waste air current.

7.  Due to the extremely low … of the smoking plant, cleaning can be carried out at longer intervals.  

8.  Methods, within, pollution, issue, process, development.

8. Make up the beginning of the sentences:

1.    … were made towards meeting the rising demands of environmental protection.

2.    … in explosions with personal injures.

3.    … also imposes both economic and environmental costs.

4.    … clearing can be carried out at longer intervals.  

5.    … the consumer’s decisions to buy a particular product has become increasingly quality-   oriented.

6.    … have led to innovative solutions among the producers and equipment manufacturers.

       9. Answer the following questions:

1.    Where is the environmental protection gaming significance?

2.    What control was there over the waste products?

3.    How many percent was it possible to reduce the energy costs by?