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Thanks to its simplicity and flexibility, the Steriflow is a very effective answer to the need for equipment modernisation. Many canned seafood produc­ers in Russia and Baltic coun­tries follow the international trend and install modern hori­zontal autoclaves instead of vertical.

The Steriflow is a horizontal batch autoclave with counter-pressure, fully automatic, con­trolled by a microprocessor. It is based on the cascading wa­ter principle, invented by Barri- quand Steriflow. To date 1800 Steriflows have been installed in more than 85 countries.

All types of containers can be processed in the Steriflow: pouches, aluminium or plastic trays, glass jars, steel cans, aluminium cans with easy open lid, HOPE plastic bottles...

How it works

A small amount of water (100 liters per basket) is stored at the bottom of the autoclave. This water is pumped, goes through a heat exchanger and is streamed on the products. This water circulates in a closed circuit and is therefore permanently recycled. The wa­ter is successively heated with steam in the heat exchanger and then cooled down with cold water injected in the heat exchanger.

During the cycle, the counter-pressure is controlled inde­pendently from temperature through the direct injection of compressed air inside the Steriflow.

Sterilization cycles are pro­grammed in the microproces­sor and run automatically.

The main characteristics of the Steriflow

The Steriflow is built in stainless steel 304L and has an integrated welded plate heat exchang­er. It can be built with one or two doors. It can go up to 140°C and 5 bars in pressure.

The streaming water principle allows some drastic savings in energy consumptions and maintenance.

Thanks to high heat transfer coefficient, total cycle times are shorter in Steriflow than in verti­cal autoclaves.

Regarding cooling phase, it is possible to use non-potable water (or even seawater through a titanium exchanger) to cool down the streaming water because this cooling wa­ter does not go in contact with the products. Since this streaming water has just been sterilized during holding time, cooling is realized with sterile water, which is very valuable in terms of food safety require­ments. The system also avoids cans corrosion.

What are the possible capacities?

The streaming water system being as efficient on small as on large autoclaves, some Steriflow with 11 baskets have already been installed (capacity around 2.8 tons per batch). The Steriflow is manufactured wit different diameters and lengths from low capacity machines with manual handling of bas­kets to high capacity installa­tions with fully automatic handling equipment (basket loader basket unloader). The company has commissioned more than 70 systems in Russia and the Baltic countries.

Words to remembered

1. to improve – улучшать                                        7. heat exchanger – теплообменник

2. seafood – морепродукты                                    8. drastic -   значительный

3. domestic – внутренний                                       9. non – potable – непитьевой

4. to upgrade –  модернизировать                         10.safety – безопасность

5. counter – pressure – противодавление              11.to avoid – избегать 

6. pouch – пакет


I.  Arrange the following synonyms into pairs and translate them into Russian:

use; much; conversion; in place of , to generate, usuge, to be made up of, readily, poor, quantity, power plant, energy, to be converted, for instance, chief, etc, actually, generally, to connect, to raise, at present, a lot of, bad, application, usually, power, common, instead of, to consist of, to produce, to increase, now, in fact, main, number, and so on, easily, power station, to be transformed, to join, for example, transformation.