Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 39

2. Arrange the following antonyms into pairs and translate them into Russian:

Many, much, direct, new, small, common, negatively, charge, outer, conductor, poor, thin, uneconomic, cool, to raise, little, inner, old, uncommon, non - conductor, inhered, few, to lower, good, economic, warm, thick, positively, large, discharge.

3. Arrange the following derivatives:

1) according to similarity of stems; 2) ac   cording to similarity of affixes.

Migrate, science, fleshy, fish, migration, slimy, maturation, fishable, immature, ungutted, migratory, scientific, salty, undeveloped, smoky, fishiness, scientist, dirty, fishing maturate, unsorted, maturity, fishery, unacceptable, fisher, oily, uptight, fishy, uncooked.

4. FindtheRussianequivalentsinrighthandcolumn.

1. cost                                                              1. оборудование

2. flexibility                                                                 2. изобретение          

3. equipment                                                               3. контур

4. trend                                                                        4. вид

5. invention                                                                 5. общий

6. circuit                                                                      6. ценный

7. total                                                                         7. стоимость

8. valuable                                                                   8. расширение

9. closed                                                                      9. гибкость 



5. Fill in the blanks using the words given below:

1. The steriflow is a horizontal batch autoclave with ….. fully automatic, controlled bay a microprocessor.

2. A ….. amount of water is stored at the bottom of the autoclave.

3. Thanks to ….. heat transfer coefficient, total cycle tames are starter in star flow.

4. The company has commissioned more than 70 ….. in Runia and the Baltic countries.

5. In order to sell these predicts they need to ….. then sterilizing equipment.

6. This water is pumped, goes through a heat ….. and is streamed on the products.

High, up grade, counter – pressure, small, exchanger, systems.

6.  Translate the following sentences paying attention to the meaning of the words in bold type:

1.  The steriflow allows producersof seafood with a long shelf – life, to reduce the cost of sterilization, in crease, procen safety. The equipment gives the possibility to improve the product final quality and it can be adopted to any container.

2.  The manufactured from low capacity machines with manual handling to high capacity ones with, fully automatic handling equipment sterilization cycles are programmed in the microprocessor and run automatically.   

  Sterilization of canned seafood a modem approach 

3. The water is successively heated with stream in the heat exchanger and then cooled clown.

The steri flow is built in stainless steel 304 L and has an integrated welded plate heat exchanger.

7. Translate the following word – combination and make up your own sentences:

Оборудование для стерилизации, международная тенденция, вид тары, стеклянные банки, теплообменник, программировать стерилизацию, значительно сократить, стерильная вода, перегрузить вручную, высокая производительность.