Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 34

            4. Find the Russian eguivalents in the right hand column:

1.постоянный                                             1. решение

2.use                                                             2. требование

3.reguirement                                               3. специи

4.processing                                                 4. управление

5.pre – adjustable                                         5. пользователь

6.spices                                                         6. камера

7.operation                                                   7. насадка

8.chamber                                                     8. предварительно заданная

9.nozzle                                                        9. обработка



5. Translate the following sentences paying attention to the meaning of the words of bold type: 

1. The achieved product results, however, remained uncertain due to not precisely controllable influencing factors. If it is absent an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals, there is no metabolism and serious illness results.  2. This new process therefore provides the perfect basic reguirement for a diversification of the range of smoked products being offered. The result of a development project in collaboration with Van Hees is a completely new procen for smoke refinement of fish. The development of a new procen focused on creation of a user – friendly, practical technology for cold and hot smoking processes. 3. The favoured smoke tyres are stored maintenami – frec in separate containers and can be used immediately. It has been possible to achieve different variants of flavour using the direct addition of herbs and spices during the smoking process.

6. Translate the following sentences into Russian, paying attention to negation:

1. Undoubtedly, today’s suppliers are confronted with the challenge of producing smoked fish products due to he healthy – eating trends. 2. Nevertheless, the necessity, based on the implementation of intelligent diversification measures of being able to offer a variety of high – quality natural products. 3. The flavoured smoke types are stored maintenance – free and ungressurized in separate containers and can be used immediately. 4. A process that cannot be considered satis­factory for industrial produc­ers as well as for trade pro­ducers in terms of present - day quality criteria. 5. The inconvenience was my not knowing the language. We are not authorized to allow you to do that unlen we get spesial permission from our office. 6. bat for him she would not have got these dictionaries. 7. He wrote down her telephone number lest he might forget it. 8. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. 9. First in importance among the scientific achievements was the idea that the sun, rather than the earth, is the centre of our system of sum, moon and planets. 10.Because of its being expensive silver is not widely used in electronics. 11.Insulating materials should be non – corrosive to metals when wet or dry, and should be unaffected by moisture.

7. Translate the following sentences into English:

1.Маловероятно, что будет горячая дискуссия по обсуждению этого нового вида обработки.

2.Если бы ни они, работа не была бы закончена в надлежащий срок.

3. До создания мощного электронного микроскопа ученые не могли изучать множество маленьких структур.

4. Метод пастеризации икры не только расширил возможности транспортировки, но и значительно удлинил сроки ее хранения.