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All Hawesta products are controlled by a state-certified food chemist . They also bear the blue-green quality mark 'Produced and tested in Schleswig-Hoistein' which is awarded by the Schleswig-Hoistein Chamber of Agriculture, a completely independent authority with no company connections. This quality mark guarantees that the quality of the products is regularly and thoroughly checked.

Varied product range

The Hawesta product range covers a broad spectrum based on various methods of preparation to suit different tastes: 'Mexico Fruhstuck' (Mexico Breakfast) is recommended to those who like a piquant flavour: herring fillets in chilli sauce with Mexico salad; ''Tropical Cocktail' is a fruity variety with tender morsels of herring, pineapple, mango chutney and curry sauce; smoked fish fans will choose kippers in their own juice with fine vegetable oil; and those who prefer their fish fried will opt for either fried herring in either a traditional spiced or finely spiced marinade. The traditional top seller on the canned fish market - herring in tomato sauce - is available in different varieties, too: morsels of herring fillet in tomato ketchup, herring fillets in tomato cream or -for health-conscious consumers - herring fillets in a tomato dressing with a low-fat sauce. The latter is just one of several products in the ' Feiiie Linie' . (Light Line) range, which comprises choice meals with extra-light dressings.

New specialities range

Hawesta has recently introduced a speciality range with mussel meat delicacies, fish cocktails and salmon products. The mussel products are available in three different flavours: a la Napoli with pizza sauce, as mussel cocktail in tomato sauce, or mild-smoked in vegetable oil. The company recommends fish cocktails as a snack for in-between times or as a starter: "American Cocktail' is morsels of herring with onion, kidney beans, corn and chilli sauce; ATropical Cocktail'' is a fruity version with pineapple, mango chutney and curry sauce; and 'Italian Cocktail' is a spicy aromatic cocktail combining morsels of herring with peppers, olives, button mushrooms and tomato sauce.

'Lachsquisit' - pieces of salmon fillet in dill, lemon, or estragon sauce - is recommended as a snack between meals, a starter or a side-dish with pasta or rice. Salmon is also the main ingredient of a range of ready meals. Hawesta Salmon Menus offer a choice of fine, ready-to-eat salmon fillets on a bed of herb, lemon or rice.

Within Germany, Hawesta contracts forwarding agents for the delivery of their products, and also sometimes makes use of independent agents for sales. Some of the products are exported, particularly to Austria, Russia, the Canary Islands and the Benelux states. Because the company would like to increase its export share which is at present still below 10 per cent of production, it is looking eastwards and northwards for new sales opportunities, as well as to Great Britain and Switzerland. Last year, with about 300 employees in the production and administration divisions, the North Germany company registered sales of over US$5Om.

Best known canned fish producer.

Words to be remembered.

  1. home – место                                                  7. shelf – life – срок годности
  2. comprise – включать                                      8. food chemist – эксперт
  3. snack – закуска                                              9. range – ассортимент
  4. mussel – моллюск                                          10.morsels – ломтики
  5. garnish – добавка                                           11.mild – smoked – подкопченный
  6. delivery – поставка                                        12.starter – первое блюдо