Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 72

or                                                   или, иначе;

(or) else                                         в противном случае, иначе;

otherwiseв противном случае, иначе;

provided (that)                             при условии если;

providing (that)                            при условии если;

seeingпоскольку, так как;

sinceс тех пор как; так как; хотя;

so                                                   так что, итак;

soasчтобы, для того чтобы;

so long as                                      см. as long as;

so... thatтак что;

stillтем неменее, все же;

supposingесли, предположим  (что); допустим  (что);



thatiswhyвот почему; поэтому;

thence                                            см. hence

therefore                                       поэтому;

thoughalthough)                         хотя,  несмотря   на;  даже  если  бы;  хотя  бы;

thusтаким образом;

till (until)                                       до тех пор пока;

unless                                            если только не, разве только;

until                                               см. till;

what                                              что;

when                                             когда;


whereas                                         тогда как; поскольку



while                                              в то время как, пока;

who                                               кто, который;



yet                                                  тем не менее, все же.




1.as (Adverb) как

By applying the principles of elementary mechanics and making assumption that each molecule weighs exactly the same as another molecule of the same gas, the following equa­tion will be obtained.

as a rule как правило

As a rule the applied forces are considered to be known, since they may be determined from the conditions of the problem.

as usual как обычно

As usual the celebration of the Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution began at 10 o'clock in the morning.

2.     as (Adverb) как, в качестве

Prevailing geological theory views the origin of minerals (oil, precious metals, ores, etc.), as a single geological process which begins and terminates within a given epoch.

3.     as ...as (Adverb) так же ...как

Even when it is at opposition, Mars is 150 times as far from us as the Moon (150 times as far ...as — в 150 раз дальше).

The electronic radio valve is comparatively old — it was invented as far back as 1904 (as far back as 1904 — еще в 1904 г.).

4.      as (Conjunction) когда

As the sum of forces acting at a point becomes zero, the forces are said to be in equilibrium.

5.as (Conjunction) по мере того как

As each particle becomes heated it expands, becomes lighter than the remainder and rises, leaving room for other particles to move down and be heated in their turn.

6.       as (Conjunction) так как

The atoms must cooperate in their relative movement as otherwise there is no space for an atom to move into.