Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 42

1.  Translate into Russian the following words:

possible – impossible – possibility – impossibility, produce – product – productivity – productive, work – working – worker – workable, equip – equipment, industry – industrial, public – publicity, can – canning – cannery.

2.  Find in the text verbs corresponding to the following words:

addition, achievement, sterilization, introduction, recommendation, exporter, producer, requirement, controller, cooling, suitable, increasingly, placer.

3.  Find in the text nouns corresponding to the following verbs:

to treat, to deliver, to anthorize, to prepare, to sell, to consume, to dress, to choose, to start, to product, to employ, to specialize, to found, to manage, to connect.

4.  Find antonyms to the following words; translate them into Russian:

known, best, frequently, north, traditional, first, to gether, different, raw, important, modern, before, broad, health, low, light, sale, below.

5.  Find the Russian equivalents in the right hand column for the following:

1.  purchased                                            1. управление                   10. покупаемый

2.  founder                                               2. вкус                               11. особенность

3.  plant                                                    3. сельдь

4.  management                                        4. поставки

5.  gently                                                  5. основатель

6.  flavour                                                 6. бережно

7.  herring                                                 7. образование

8.  main                                                    8. основной

9.  share                                                    9. предприятие

6.  Replace the Russian words by English:

1.  Today, the canned fish production programme comprises about forty different (вкус) based on herring and mackerel.

2.  But there is much more to Hawesta: fish cocktails, salmon (закуска) and mussel specialties.

3.  To achieve this alout, 80 tonnes of  are required per day.

4.  It is (бережно) steamed, cooled and then placed into the cans by hand before the various sauces.

5.  They also bear the blue – green (знак качества) “Produced and tested in Schleswig – Holstein” which is awarded by chamber of Agriculture.

6.  Those who proper their fish fried will opt for either fried herring in either a (традиционный) spiced or finlly spiced marinade.

7.  Hawesta has recently introduced a speciality range with mussel (мясо delicacies, fish cocktails.

7.  Translate the following words – combinations into English:

переработка рыбы, производство консервов, различный вкус, фирменная продукция, ежедневно, готовый продукт, собственная лаборатория, вручную, помещать в банку, государственный сертификат, высокое качество, новое изделие, кусочки сельди, главный ингредиент, объем продаж.  

8. Translate the following sentences paying attention to the meaning of the words in bold type:

1. In selecting the proper building material availability and cost may become primary considerations. 2. Only a few shades of molded plastics are now available for use. 3. In manufacturing plastics, greatly improved methods are now available. 4. Of all the instruments available the Geiger counter is the most suitable for the purpose of counting particles. 5. All of our available energy has come from the sun. 6. The sun's energy will be available as long as there are people on the earth to use it.7.We must learn to increase the efficiency of our use of fuel and to make available new sources of energy. 8. What we are interested to know is what fraction of the available energy we get in the form of useful work. This fraction we call efficiency. 9. Before the availability of rural electricity via transmission lines, a wind generator system was a very clean and convenient source of electric power.