Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 57

HACCP plans in processing plants.

This legislation requires fish processing plants to imple­ment HACCP systems whether or not they have QA systems in place. For a com­pany that already has a QA management system to ISO 9000 specification, the effort required to develop a HACCP plan for regulatory purposes will not be great. The analysis of the produc­tion process for quality will have identified the human health hazards, and the ap­propriate monitoring, con­trol, review and validation systems necessary for a HACCP plan. However, it will be necessary to extract the relevant documentation from the QA manual and prepare it as one or more HACCP plans for presentati­on to the regulatory authorities. Those companies that do not have a QA manage­ment system will have to cam' put a specific exercise to prepare HACCP plans for their product lines.

It is important to note that HACCP plans deal only with human health hazards and their control; they does not apply to other regulatory matters like minimum weights, labelling and use of permitted additives.

These aspects of compliance with regulation are dealt with under the QA management plan. Nor does the HACCP plan cover aspects of hygiene and sanitation that apply to the plant as a whole rather than to specific production operations.

Words to be remembered:

1.  consistently – стабильно                                      6. purpose – цель

2.  consumption – потребление                                7. relevant – соответствующая

3.  comparison – сравнение                                      8. to extract – отобрать

4.  guideline – руководство                                      9. exercise – тренировка

5.  legislation – законодательство                            10.plant – предприятия 


1.  Underline the suffixes and translate the following words into Russian:

management, truly, existence, consistently, regulatory, easily, specification, appropriate, validation, compliance, sanitation, critical, storage, operational, reguirement, systematic, evaluation, irrigate, peaceful, basically, effective, mternal, rapidly.

2.  Find in the text nouns corresponding to the following verbs, translate them into Russian:

to manage, to produce, to compare, to process, to ensure to export, to specify, to valid, to present, to document, to add, to comply, to regulate, to operate.

3.  Find antonyms to the following words and translate them into Russian:

safety, national, closed, narrow, easy, health, manual, regular, important, minimum, permitted, under, whole, before, consistently, many, import, necessary, more, early.

4.  Find in the text the following words:

система управления, безопасный, внедрять в индустрию, качество продуктов, импортер рыбы, национальное законодательство, с точки зрения качества, специфическая работа, производственная линия, иметь дело, в соответствии с правилами, опасность для здоровья.  

5.  Find the Russian equivalents in the right hand column:

1.  food                                                                       1. качество

2.  similarity                                                                2. пищевой продукт

3.  implement                                                  3. дело, вопрос

4.  quality                                                                   4. охватывать

5.   matter                                                                   5. усилие

6.  review                                                                    6. вес

7.  processing                                                              7. проверка