Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 12

mile -  миля (1853м);

brokenfish, damagedfish - рыба с механическими повреждениями (лопанец),

neither... nor  - ни.,  ни.


I. Answer the questions.

\. What is the most important factor controlling the speed at which fish go bad?

2.  When will white fish keep in good condition?

3.  How does the knowledge of fish temperature assist the technologist?

4.  Which temperature should the technologist measure?

5.  What fish should be checked up first?

//. Ask questions to the underlined words.

1.  I’m the captain's assistant in fish processing.

2.  We've got about 70 tons of mackerel and some 30 tons of sardine aboard.

3.  We caught these fish about 4 hours ago.

4.  The mackerel meet the practical standard.

5.  The fish were caught about 12 miles to the south.

6.  It's difficult to judge the quality of fish by the outward appearance they can
appear to be too soft when defrosted.

///. Complete the sentences. Use the words and word-combinations given below.

1.  ... can greatly assist the technologist.

2.  ... the cargo officer of the English ship

3.  ... the total capacity of your holds?

4.  ... in this hold?

5.  ... about 100 specimens of herring from this hold.

6.  ... the sardine are really of a good quality.

What's;  I've  examined; knowledge  of fish temperature;  I'm;  what's the temperature; now I see that.

IV. Ask questions to the following answers. Complete the dialogue.


B. No, I haven't, because it's difficult to judge the fish quality by the outward appearance.

A. ....

B. Yes, I think so. The fish are really fresh enough.

A. ....

B.    Yes, I have measured the temperature of the fish. It's all right.

B. Yes, of course. We'll take this batch (партия) of fish.

V. Translate into English. Complete the dialogue.


B. Follow me, please. Here is hold 1.


B. We've got about 90 tons of cod here.


B. About 5 hours ago.

VI. Make up dialogues. Use the word-combinations given below.

1.  I'd like to examine the catch; 150 tons of sardine; hold; temperature; 5 hours ago;
good quality; specimens.

2.  Mackerel; 80 tons; to keep; about 10 hours; to haul up the catch; to make the fish
deep frozen; broken fish; damaged fish; first-grade fish; the fish are up to

3.  Hold; contain; red fish; catch; poor quality; not to meet the practical standard.

VII. Act out.

1.  You are the cargo-officer of the English ship. Ask the technologist of the

Ukrainian ship to show you fish holds. Ask now many holds there are aboard the
ship and what species they have got.

2.  You want to take a few specimens for the quality control. After you checked up
100 species you found that the fish were hard enough. Practically there were
neither damaged nor broken fish.

3.  The cargo-officer examines the catch of the fish. He wants to defrost a few
specimens. Try to persuade (убедить) him that the fish are fresh enough and were
caught only 8 hours ago. But if he insists on defrosting help him to do that.

VIII. TranslateintoEnglish.