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We herewith agree upon the above stated weights of specified fishes

Date & Time

Representative fishingvsls           Representative receiver

SCARUSскарус (название фирмы),

marinenutritionзд. морские пищевые рыбы (и ракообразные);


Reg.No - registerednumberрегистровый номер,

accept         принимать;

species ['spijiz]                          вид(ы)рыбы,

sardine [sa:di:n|               сардина;

horse-mackerel                 ставрида,

herring                                      сельдь;

river herring                          помолобус (рыба);

saithe [seid]                             сайда,

flounder [flaunda]                камбала речная камбала, ложный палтус;

turbotfta-batlтюрбо, палтус, камбала, калкан,

squidкальмар (промысловый моллюск),

fishmealрыбная мука,

total                                   общий (вес);
herewith [hiawia]                   настоящим,



specify ['spesifai]                    точно определять, устанавливать,

~iedfishesукачанные виды (рыб);

date & timeдата и время;

fishing vsls = fishing vessels   промысловые суда;

vsls = vesseb                            суда,

receiver                             получатель,

We herewith agree upon the    Настоящим мы подтверждаем вышеупомянутый вес

above    stated    weights    of    указанной рыбы.

 specified fishes.


I. Answer the questions.

1.  When does the cargo-officer make arrangements about the means of trans­
shipping the cargo?

2.  What kinds of fish products can be trans-shipped from one ship to another"?

3.  How are fresh and chilled fish usually trans-shipped?

4.  What is the average weight of a frozen fish carton (box)?

5.  What types of pumps do they use when trans-shipping fish?

6.  How much fish are given in addition to cover the weight of the packing?

//. Ask questions to the underlined words.

1.  Since the fish quality were up to practical standard he offered to start trans­

2.  We are going to discharge the fish with the brail.

3.  We have been discharging the cargo for about an hour

4.  I'd like to measure the temperature of the fish discharged because the fish quality


5.  After the trance-shipping is over they fill in the Delivery Note.

Ш. Make up sentences.

1.  Fish to be discharged...                  ... about 30-32 kg.

-    The average weight of each carton

2. (box) is…                                        .. .to discharge the fish

3.  To trans-ship fish...                           ...will you measure the temperature of fish.

4.  How are you going...                      ... discharging operations, please.

5.  How of ten...                                  ...can be fresh, chilled or frozen


6.  Will you stop...                             …we usually use feed-water pump or the brail