Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 8

But even this technology was still not perfect. In the case of longer smoking times of over 30 minutes, oxygen intake was reduced dramatically and the gas CO was formed in large quantities within the smoke generators. This sometimes resulted in explosions with personal injuries. It was not until the additional installation of electric and mechanical safety systems for regulating the CO content within the plant that such plants could be operated safely. The reguirement for treatment of waste of waste air and/or water also imposes both economic and environmental costs.

Because smoke produced by friction gives rise to less than 10% of the pollution caused by, for example, glow combustion using wood chips, the use of highly alkaline detergents for the phenol compounds, formaldehyde, formic and acetic acid, aromatized hydrocarbons and other tar and smoke substances is minimal.

Due to the extremely low pollution of the smoking plant, cleaning can be carried out at longer intervals. This means considerable reductions in the quantity of water necessary for cleaning purposes, too.

As a result of stricter environmental requirements, the friction smoke system can be expected to become the system of the future. This is particularly true in the face of the fact that investment in this technology is no more costly to the user that in conventional plants requiring additional afterburner systems.

In the face of recent scandals within the food industry, such as swine fever and mad com disease, the consumer’s decision to buy a particular product has become increasingly quality-oriented. However, the trend towards increased environmental awareness, manifested in numerous legal stipulations, certainly has some influence, too and has at least acceleration to new systems within the food processing industry. However, the need to upgrade facilities may put many small processors out of business, and thus, the human side of the equation must not be lost in the drive to environmental and economic efficiency.

Increasing environmental awareness and clear legislation have led to innovation solutions amongst the producers and equipment manufactures. Processors have had to, and will continue to have to, adapt to meet the increasing consumer demand for improved quality, fair prices and environmentally friendly processing.

Words to be remembered.

1.  significance – значение                         7. explosion – взрыв

2.  consequence – последствие                 8. injure - травма

3.  issue – проблема                                    9. friction – трение

4.  step – шаг                                                 10. chips – стружки

5.  after – burning – дожигание                 11. influence – влияние

6.  benefit – выгода                                      12. small processor – малое  


1.  Sypply antonyms to the following words improve, important, to gather, high, first, towards, possible, to reduce, after – burning, perfect, large, safety, cleaning, consiclerable.

2.  Mind the prefixes pre, post – and translate the following words into Russian:

Precooked, preplanned, pre – arranged, pre – condition, pre – historic, post – date, post – graduate, post – war, post – humous, post – meridian.

3.  Find in the text nouns corresponding to the following words, translate them into Russian:

To protect, to produce, to pollute, to burn, to generate, to exposure, to install, to require, to combust, to remove, to smoke, to invest, to convert.

4.  Find in the text adjectives corresponding to the following words, translate them into Russian:

Environment, to compare, technician, person, to add, electrician, economy, to consider, humanism, to minimize.