Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 49


  1. Supply antonyms for the following words:

non – metallic, health, much, to pay, main, certain, approval, careful, foreign, reduction, common new, primary, rising, safety.

2.  Translate the following groups of words of the same stem:

To establish – establishment, to adopt – adoption, to define – definition, definite – indefinite, to direct – direction – indirect – directly, to mean – meaning, to create - creation – creator – creative, to strengthen – strength – strong, low – to lower, metal – metallic, to protect – protection – protector, to lead – leader – leading.

3.  Underline the suffixes in the following words, state what part of speech they are, translate into Russian:

international, management, safety, activity, intellectual, direction, strategical, efficiency, assistance, inclusion, delivery, attention.

4.  Underline the prefixes in the following words state what part of speech they are, translate into Russian:

reproduction, irregular, disintegrate, incomplete, independent, informative, reassemble, disappear, unable, disadvantage.

5.  Using the prefixes or suffixes form the words with a new meaning from the words given below:

Standard, active, organize, to inform, recent, certain, national, to participate, to create, technician, change.

6.  Find the Russian equivalent in the right hand column:

1.  certain                                                                         1. важный

2.  sending                                                                        2. исследование

3.  important                                                                     3. отрасль

4.  goods                                                                          4. рынок

5.  market                                                                         5. введение

6.  research                                                                       6. повышение

7.  introduction                                                                7. определенный

8.  branch                                                                                     8.  услуга

9.  creation                                                                       9. отправление



7. Translate into Russian Mind the words “change” and “direct”:

1. Ordinarily 500 – 600 standards are changed and adopted again annually.

2. Technical Committee carries out work on development international standards in certain directiors of activity. 

3. In this experiment only a small part of air is absolved directly.

4. The best known feature of winter weather in the humid continental climates is its changeability.

5. When we heat water, it changes into steam.

6. Heating causes chemical changes.

7. When a person warm himself at an open fire, he feels a direct heat which acts rapidly.

8. Fill in the blanks using the words given below:

1. ISO activity ….. the standards in all the branches.

2. In resent years ISO pays much attention to the standard of the ensuring of ….. systems.

3. After developing standard projects technical committee refers it to ….. secretariate for registration.

4. One of the task is to establish the ….. connections of activities of organization and market.