Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 30

We chose Bastra over our previous supplier for two main reasons. Firstly, the choice was based on the fact that Bastra manufactures technologically superior equipment combined with outstanding customer service. Most importantly, we felt the need to differentiate ourselves from other salmon processors, and our investment in this equipment gives us a real competitive advantage".

Words to be remembered

  1. installation –  установка
  2. innovative – прогрессивный
  3. liquid smoking – коптильная жидкость
  4. healthy – eating – здоровое питание
  5. available – доступный
  6. residue – включение
  7. to input – вводить в компьютер
  8. software – программа
  9. shelving level – уровень загрузки


1.  Supply synonyms for the following words:
installation, demand, processing, to use, flavour, offer, processor, ability.

2.  TranslateintoEnglishthefollowingwordsandwriteantonymstothem:
наиболее, успешный, новый, здоровый, увеличивать, доступный, желательный, полностью, положительный, преимущество, предыдущий, важный, реальный.

3.  Find in the text verbs corresponding to the following words:
producer, service, confrontation, increasing, removal, dictation, achievement, discussion, feeling, improvement.

  1. Find the Russian equivalents in the right-hand column:
    1. evidence                                                                     1. сбор
    2. undoubtedly                                                               2. очищение
    3. demand                                                                      3. затраты
    4. liquid                                                                          4. похожий
    5. cleaning                                                                      5. свидетельство
    6. costs                                                                           6. достигать
    7. similar                                                                         7. заказчик
    8. achieve                                                                       8. безусловно
    9. customer                                                                     9. жидкость
    10. yield                                                                         10.    спрос

11. внимание

                                                                                             12. развитие

5.  Translate the following sentences paying attention to the meaning of the words in the bold type:
1. The result is increased consumer interest in the processing of these products and the additives being used in their production. During the smoking process, all procedures can be controlled in putted and documented through the use of appropriate Bastra  -  controlled technology.  2. Bastra is regarded as one of the most innovative producers of smoke house in the world.  Undoubtedly, today’s suppliers are confronted with the challenge of producing smoked fish products due to the healthy – eating trends. The Bastra liquid smoking  technology offers growing market excellent alternatives that were previously not available. 3. The producer has the ability to dictate each step of the smoking procedure. Hence through this innovative product  development, one can achieve reduced costs, higher productivity and increased competitiveness. Undesired materials, which produced during the classic smoking process are completely removed in the production of liquid smoke.