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ISO activity concerns the standards in all the branches, besides electronics and electrical engineering ISO defines its aims as follows: to promote development and standartization of co – operating aspects of activities and ensuring international goods and services exchange, also development of co – operation intellectual, scientific research and economic branches.

The main standards objects:

machine building


non – metallic materials

ores and metals

information techniques

health protection and medicine

basic standards


goods packing and transportation

In recent years ISO pays much attention to the Standard of the ensuring of quality systems. The result of this work is development and publication of international standards. Now the national standards organizations of 120 countries are the members of ISO.

Ukrainian State standard represent the Ukraine leading and working bodies form in International Standards organization.

The main body of ISO the General Assembley, and Council, technical leading bureau.

General Assembley is a meeting of the officials and delegates appointed by the committee – members.

Technical Committees (ТС) Subcommittees (SC) and Working Groups (WG) carry out work on development international standards in certain directions of activity.

The official languages of ISO – English, French, Russian.

After developing standard project technical committee refers it to central secretariate forregistration and sending to all committee – members for approval.

If 75% of voting persons approve the project, it is published as international standards.

The standards of ISO are widely used in the whole world, there are 10 000 of Annually 500 – 600 standards are reconsidered and adopted.

The standards of ISO are the carefully developed technical reguirement to the products (services) and they facilitate the exchange of commodities, services and ideas between all the countries in the world.

International standards are not obligatory for all countries – participants. Any country of the world has the right to adopt or not to adopt then. The solving of the problem depends on degrees of participation of the country in international labour division and in compliance with its foreign trade.

ISO tasks:

ISO defines its tasks, distinguishing the most active strategical directions of work:

Establishment the more tight connections of activities of organization and market.

Reduction common and temporary costs in the result of the efficiency of the administration work, better assuage of man resources, optimization of working process, development in formation techniques and telecommunications.

Rendering effective assistance World Trade Organization by introduction programme oriented on the constant remaking of technical conditions on sending commodities into ISO standards.

Encouragement the creation new standards for industry, the development of the relations with World Trade Organization (WTO) on the conditions to render the necessary technical assistance. To promote the inclusion the requirements to the delivered products by the states to the international standards ISO. Support to increasing the quality of activities  concerning national standartation in the developing countries where the main attention is paid to the standartization levels.

Exposure the primary demands in standartization concerning the special branches.

Rising the flexibility work planning on the creation standards in terms of changing conditions of market and states.  


Words to be remembered: 

  1. definition – определение                               7. to appoint – назначать
  2. term – термин                                                8. approval – соглашение, одобрение
  3. establishment – создание                               9. to adopt – принимать
  4. aim – цель                                                       10.exchange – обмен
  5. field – область                                                11.to promote – способствовать
  6. ensuring – обеспечение                                 12. level – уровень