Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 58

8.  weight                                                                   8. обработка

9.  cover                                                                      9. уменьшение 



6.  A) Translate into Russian paying attention to the meaning of the words in bold type:

            1. The field of high-temperature research is a great problem of science. But it is by no means a new one. 2. A wide variety of industrial processes are controlled by means of tele­metry. 3. Telemetry is a combination of Greek and Latin words and means "measuring at a distance". 4. For our experiment we must take the mean of several temperature measurements. 5. Producing high temperatures by chemical  reactions n be achieved in several ways - by means of combustion of metals in oxygen; by means of combustion of gaseous mixtures: - by means of plasma jets. This means that the problem of containing chemical substances at temperatures which conventional containers cannot withstand must be solved. 6. The computer's ability to do simple work by simple means explains its wide use. 7. We must strive by all possible means to complete :the work in time.  8 Will you join me in this work? By all means.

B) Most of the problem solved has been of a rather elementary nature. We must develop technology which will enable us to utilize a large proportion of the total heat potential of nuclear fuels rather than a very small art that is possible to utilize with most reactors today. First in importance among the scientific achievements of the

Renaissance was the idea that the sun, rather than the earth, is the centre of our system of sun, moon, and planets. Were it not for convection, the problem of warming a room would be rather difficult, since the air itself is a poor conductor of heat. The wind is a rather powerful source of power and if we utilized it fully, it could give rather large amounts of energy. In our work we stress quality rather than quantity. Why is ultrasonic energy used rather than sound energy? To anyone unfamiliar with ultrasonic principles it may seem rather strange.

7.   Fill in the blanks using the words given below:

1. This legislation requires ….. processing plants to implement HACCP systems ushether or not they have QA systems.

2. The companies not having a QA system will have to carry out a specific exercise to prepare HACCP plans for their product lines.

3. These aspects of ….. with regulation are dealt with under the QA management plan.

4. This is the ….. for many of the important fish importing countries the European Union, United States and Canada.

5. A comparison of ….. for HACCP and QA management, shows there is a close similarity between the two systems.

6. The national legislation requires that of ….. of fishery, products have effective HACCP plans in their processing plans.

   Case, exporters, fish, guidelines, compliance, specific.

8.  Find predicates in the following sentences and translate the senten­ces into Russian:

1. A computer processes the information supplied. 2. Designers word the specifications so that they may be understood by everybody. 3. Thermoelectronic emission forms the basis for the operation of all electronic tubes. 4. Two metals alloy, if they melt together to form a homogeneous liquid. 5. The building of the factory houses a new computer.

9. Answer the following guest ions:

1.  What is the main aim of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point systems?

2.  What in the HACCP philosophy?