Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 2

a.  May be it's better to take a bus?

b.  : No, our town is a beautiful one, and it'll be pleasant for you to walk
along it's streets.

a.  : Thanks a lot you've been so helpful.

b.  : You're welcome.

Straight - прянмо                  along - вдоль

Ahead - вперед                     You’re welcome - пожалуйста

Block - квартал

Dialogue 2. Asking the way.

a   • Excuse me, how can I get to the port?

b. : It's rather far from here you'd better take a taxi.

a.  : And where is the nearest taxi-rank?

b.  : You are lucky, it is just round the corner.
a.  : Taxi, are you free?

Driver: Yes. Where to? a.: To the port, please.

Taxi-rank (stand) - стоянка такси

Dialogue 3. Telephone.

a.  : Who's calling, please?

b.  : May I speak to Mr. Black, please? This is Ivanov calling.

a.  : Hold on (wait) a moment please. Sorry, he is not at the moment is
there any message?

b.  : No, thank you. I'll call back later.

(Tell Mr. Black, please Ivanov was calling.)

(Ask Mr. Black to call me back, please.)

(Put down (take, write down) my phone number, please.)
hold on – ждать
Is there any message – что-нибудь передать?
To call back - звонить еще раз

Dialogue 4. Telephone.

a  : Number, please.

b. : I want to make a trunk call.

a : Where, namely, will you want to phone?

b. : I want to put a call through to London.

a  : What's the area code for London?

b. :-415.

a  : Thank you, what's the number?

b. : Oh, let me see... Yes, here it is: alley 3061 (alley-three-o-six-one)

a  : Hold on a minute, please... You' re through, go ahead.

Trunk-call - вызов по междугородному или международному теле­фону

Go-ahead - говорите

Dialogue 5. At the Post-office.

a  : May I have a telegram form, please?

b.         : You can get one at that table in the middle of the hall.

a  : Thanks. What's the charge per word to the Ukraine?

b. : Just let me see. Well, it’s three dollars for the first five words and

eight cent for every additional one.

a  : Can I pay for the reply?

b, : Yes, but you must add the letters "RP" meaning "Reply Paid",

a  : I see and how much is the telegram form?

b. : It is free.

a  : And how many stamps is it necessary on a foreign letter?

b. : Ordinary or air mail?

a  : Air mail, please,

b. : If s 30 cent for a letter,

a  : Thanks a lot

Additional Words and Expressions

Mail - почта

Postal money order - денежный перевод

Envelope - конверт

To make a trunk call - заказать междугородний разговор

Coin - монета

Slot - щель, прорезь

Receiver - трубка (телефона)

То dial - набирать номер

Payee - получатель денежного перевода

Power of attorney - доверенность

Printed form - бланк

Rate - тариф

Extension - добавочный номер

Call box - телефонная будка

On the phone - по телефону

To ring (call) back - перезвонить

Dialing tone - гудок

The number is engaged - занять

The line is clear - линия свободна

Telephone subscriber - абонент

To ring off- давать отбой

Inquiry Bureau (office) - справочное бюро

The Trunk-Call office - переговорный пункт

Receipt- квитанция

Where shall I sign at the receipt' - Где мне расписаться на квитанции?

Wrong number- Вы ошиблись номером

Moscow is on line - Вас вызывает Москва

Can I dial direct to Germany? - Можно позвонить из этого телефона в