Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 45

could    “мог (ли) бы”        

Perfect Infinitive

(have + Participle)

                                                                                         Они могли бы сделать это сами.  y. т прибор.                                            

might   “мог (ли) бы”         

                             He might have come to the meeting that day.

                              Он мог бы придти на собрание в тот день.

should “должен был бы”

aught  “следовало бы”

                                                        You should have helped him.

Вам следовало бы помочь ему


1.  Find synonyms and arrange them in pairs:

to be regarded, to utilize, to be considered, to use, to be docked upon, to control, to apply, to regumethods of  processing, important processing, processing techniques, to fit, to suit, relationship, condemned fish, eviscerated fish, ground fish, culled fish, gutted fish, bottom fish, spawned out fish, unblemished fish, spent fish, high – grade fish, tiny fish, best – quality fish, baby fish.

2.  Find in the text verbs corresponding to the following words:  

translate them into Russian achievement, replacement, elimination, fulfillment, application, security, usage, explaindtion, discussion, call, face.

3.  Find in the text nouns corresponding to the following words, translate them into Russian:

To judge, to exploit, to be responsible, to govern, to manage, to introduce, to certify, to approach, to contribute, to argue, to act.

4.  Find the Russian equivalents in the right hand column:

1.  responsible                                                                         1. вопрос

2.  measure                                                                             2. мера

3.  understanding                                                                   3. подход

4.  label                                                                                   4. постепенный

5.  principle                                                                             5. понимание, согласие

6.  matter                                                                                6. владелец

7.  gradual                                                                              7. показатель

8.  contribution                                                                       8. положение

9.  approach                                                                            9. маркировка



5.  Make up the beginning of the sentences:

        1. ….. to achieve a more responsible exploitation of fishery resources should be welcome.

2. ….. to take appropriateate measures for the management of fish stocks.

3. ….. the eco – labeling is not used as a trade banner.