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7.  В каких банкнотах Вы хотите получить валюту?

8. Остановка автобуса находится вон там, на другой стороне улицы.
9. Боюсь, что Вы ошиблись номером.

Unit 2

Medical Assistance

There's nothing more unpleasant than being taken ill when you are away from home. It that happens to you'll have to say about it somebody in charge on your vessel who will connect with the agent and you'll be delivered to the doctor to get consultation, if the case is serious indeed. One of the most common disease is influenza. The symptoms of influenza are: high temperature, head ache, pains. In this case it's letter to stay in bed and follow all doctor's instructions. The more serious disease is pneumonia, the temperature rises quickly the sickm an has a cough, the pulse and breathing are fast. One of the most dangerous and common thing on ship if one does not observe safety precautions is fracture. There are two kinds of fractures: closed and open. Open fractures are more serious. Swelling appears very quickly. The person must not move. It is necessary to use a splint in the place of the break before the doctor puts plaster casts on it.

Influenza - грипп

Headache - головная боль

Pain - боль

Pneumonia- воспаление легких

Cough - кашель

Breathing - дыхание

Safety precautions - меры безопасности

Fracture - перелом

Swelling - опухоль

Splint - шина

Plaster cast - гипсовая повязка

Dialogue 1.  At the Doctor ’ s

D.: What's your name, please.

P.: My name is Ivanov

D.: What is troubling you?

P.: I have a pain in my stomach.

D.: How did you manage to get that? Is your digestion all right? Show me with your finger the place where it hurts you.

P.: I hope my digestion is all right. Here the place is that hurts me.

D.: Lie down, I'll examine you. How many days have you had this pain?

P.: I've had this pain for some days.

D.: You are rather feverish.

P.: So, I am. I feel quite unwell.

D.: We'll take X-rays of your stomach and you'll have your blood and urine examined. After that the diagnosis will be clear and I'll prescribe you the treatment.

Stomach - желудок

Digestion - пищеварение

To hurt - беспокоить

Blood - кровь

Treatment - лечение

Dialogue 2. At the Dentist's

D.: What troubles you?

P.: I've had a severe toothache for already two days.

D.:   Open your month, please! What place hurts you? (Where is the pain?)

P.: On the left, there is probably a hollow in my tooth.

D.: No, you have already had a filling but you have a decayed tooth. It should be pulled out.

Toothache - зубная боль

Hollow - дупло

A filling - пломба

To pull (out) - удалять

Dialogue 3

D.: What's the matter with you?

P.: This morning I woke up with a sore throat, a bad headache and a se­vere cough.

D.: Let me see your tongue. It is a little coated. How did you sleep last night?

P.: Not very well.

D.: Take your temperature. Oh, you have a fever. It's a flu. Take these pill three times a day before your meals and stay in bed for a day or two. P.: Thank you, doctor.

Sore throat - больное горло

A bad headache - сильная головная боль

To be coated - быть обложенным (о языке)

Additional Words and Expressions

Appendicitis - аппендицит

Hospital treatment - госпитализация

Stomach trouble - желудочное заболевание

Belly - живот

Acute pain - острая боль

Oxygen bag - кислородная подушка

Hemorrhage _ кровоизлияние

Burn - ожог