Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 18

                             (absolute) length, i.e. from the tip of the snout to the outer ends of

    the tail.

Cargo-officer:    In any case the fish are too small and they don't suit us

Technologist:     All right Let's come to hold 2, please. We've got some more fish there

Here we are at...                Вотмыу...;

Ishouldsay...                    Я должен сказать,

beuppracticalstandardсоответствовать техническим требованиям;

tip                                 кончик (рыла),

snoutрыло, морда,

ray                                луч;

tailfinхвостовой плавник,

overallполный, общий, предельный;

absolute ['sebssluit]     полный, абсолютный,


Dialogue 2

Cargo-officer:    We've examined the herring in hold 2.

Technologist:     How do you find them?

Cargo-officer:    The size of the hemng is 21 cm and more They are large sized


Technologist:     How do you like the texture of the flesh?

Cargo-officer:    I'm quite satisfied with the fish texture. The flesh is hard enough

     and the fat content exceeds 12 per cent. They are fatty fish Technologist:     Will you take the fish?

Cargo-officer:    Yes, certainly.

large sized fish       крупная рыба,

besatisfiedwithбыть удовлетворенным, .

hard                   твердый;

exceeds превышать,

per cent процент.

Dialogue 3

Technologist:     Mr. Smith, have you checked up the horse-mackerel in bold 3*7

Cargo-officer:    Yes, I've examined about 100 specimens

Technologist:     Did you find them OK.?

Cargo-officer:The fish are not bad. They have no unpleasant smell-and their

     texture isn't soft

Technologist:     How did you find the fish size?

Cargo-officer;    I think they  are middle-sized and medium-fatty fish. Their

    average length is about 18 cm

Technologist:     Will you take the fish"?

Technologist:     I think so. But since the fish are not of large size and they are not fatty the       price will be cheaper

Cargo-officer:    O.K The price problem should be settled with the captain

horse-mackerel       ставрида:
cheap(er)                   дешевый (дешевле),

bad                      плохой.

Dialogue 4

Cargo-officer:    Mr Pavtov, when did you catch the fish*7

Technologist:     5 days ago. And the catch was quick frozen

Cargo-officer:    I defrosted a number of specimens and I found that the fish were

    not up to practical standard

Technologist:     Why do you think so? What's wrong?

 Cargo-officer:   The flesh of the fish is rather soft, much fish are broken off (torn off) and

    damaged. I can't take the fish of such a poor quality

bequickfrozenподвергать(ся) быстрой заморозке;
poorqualityплохое качество;

broken off                         

                     рваная рыба, лопанец;

torn off

damagedfishрыба с механическими повреждениями;

practical standard    технические требования