Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 6

IV. Make up situations, using the following words and expressions:

1.  Appendicitis attack, seamen, cable, port, ambulance hospital, to ac­
company, urgent, to be operated on, right away, to be all right, three
days, to come back.

2.  A heart attack constant, pain, heart, to listen, to take blood pressure, to
check a cardiogram, to be hospitalized, ship: to leave, to go by plane,

3.  Bleeding to flow, scarlet, to raise, severe case, blood transfusion,
wound, to put clean cloth, to bandage tightly, a cold compress, blood.

V. Ask the doctor:

When you will be operated on, how long you will stay in the hospital; when you will leave the hospital, what medicine he will recom­mend you, what the results of your analysis are: if you can visit your sickman, how your sickman is feeling now, if you must be X-rayed; if an urgent operation is necessary.

VI. Translate the following sentences into English:

1.  У меня сильный кашель и острая боль в груди

2.  Мне трудно дышать.

3.  У члена команды серьезная травма, возможно перелом ребер.

4.  У пострадавшего большая потеря крови.

5.  На борту три человека с сильным отравлением.

6.  У больного тяжелая травма позвоночника, требуется срочная медицинская помощь.

7.  Для восстановления кровообращения сделайте массаж всего тела.

8.  При проведении искусственного дыхания, уложите больного на
ровную горизонтальную поверхность.

9.  Промойте больному глаз борной кислотой и положите на него

10.Эта мазь приостановит развитие опухоли.

11.Когда была сделана прививка от желтой лихорадки?

Unit 3

Environmental Protection

Responsibility for pollution control rests with local and central govern­ment. Integrated pollution control restricts emissions to air, land and water from the most harmful processes.

Sea-river going ships often pollute seawater with various oil products. In our era water pollution is becoming an international problem. At a rough esti­mate, no less than five million tons of oil are discharged into seas and oceans each year and one ton of oil can spread over about twelve square kilometers of the water surface as a fine film which prevents air-water-oxygen exchange. One litre of oil makes one million litres of fresh water unfit for drinking.

Total emission of smoke in the air have fallen by over 5. per cent since 1960. Sulphur dioxide emissions have fallen by about 40 per cent since 1970/ Britain has adopted, for instance, a phased programme of reductions in sulphur dioxide emissions from existing large combustion plants of up to 60 per cent by 2003.

To ensure that water resources remain unpolluted, it is forbidden to build new industrial enterprises around the water sources. Special laws for preventing pollution have been adopted. Now environmental protection has become a con­stitutional principle appearing in the new constitutions of many foreign contries. To make the policy in environmental protection more effective, the international Committee for Hydrometeorology and Council of the Natural Environment was established. It is responsible for organization of control over sources of pollu­tion. The well-known organization "Green Peace" also makes the great contri­bution in this matter.

pollution — загрязнение

oil products   нефтепродукты

rough estimate - грубый подсчет

to spread over - распространяться

fine - тонкий

film — пленка

unfit - не подходить

prevent - предотвращать

source - источник


I. Translate the following groups of words: to restrict emissions, sea-river going ships, various oil products, rough estimate, fine film, unfit for drink­ing, new industrial enterprises, the great contribution, to spread over, to dis­charge into seas, harmful processes, programme of reduction in emissions.