Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 19


/. Answer the questions.

1.  In what way is the size of fish determined?

2.  How do they usually measure the length offish m the fishing industry and trade''

3.  What does it mean to measure fish for overall length?

4.  How do practical standard of different fish vary?

5.  What can you say about fish texture?

6.  When are fish considered to be of a poor quality?

//. Ask questions to the underlined words.

1.  We operate 20 miles to the North from here

2.  I examined 100 specimens

3.  The size of fish is more than 22 cm

4.  The herring have a smell and some of them are damaged and broken off

5.  Since fish are not of the proper quality the price will be cheaper

6.  The texture of fish is hard enough and the fat content exceeds l0 per. cent

///. Complete the sentences.

1.  The size of the fish is determined...      ... from the tip of the snout to the beginning of medi       um rays of the tail fin.

2.  The length of the fish is usually            ...they are classified as a good quality
  measured...                                               fish.

3.  According to fat content fish are           ...the fish are considered to be of a
usually divided into three groups...          poor quality.

4.  When the flesh of fish is hard...           ...either   by   length   or   by   mass (weight).

5.  When the texture is too soft...            ... lean, medium fatty and fatty fish.

6.  What species...                                    ... have you got aboard your ship?

IV. Complete the sentences. Use the words and word-combinations given below.

1.  ... from this area did you fish?

2.  ... have you got on board your ship?

3.  ... to take a few specimens for quality control.

4.  ... to the beginning of the medium rays of the tail fin.

5.  ... for judging the value of any fish.                                     . ,

6.  ...usually have no unpleasant smell.

What species; they usually measure the fish length from the tip of the snout; how far; I'd like; fat content is one of the criterion; good quality fish.

V. Ask questions to the following answers.


B. The size of the herring is quite all right. It's 21 cm and more.


. B. Yes, I'm quite satisfied with the texture of the fish.


B. Yes, naturally. We always take the high-quality fish.

VI. Translate into English. Complete the dialogue,

A. Господин Браун, Вы проверили эту пикшу?

B. Yes, I've examined a number of specimens.

A. Вам понравилась рыба?

B. Yes, I did. The texture of fish is hard enough and there isn't unpleasant smell.

A. А что Вы можете сказать о размерном ряде рыбы?

B.  It's middle-sized fish. We'll take them.

VII. Make up dialogues. Use the words and word-combinations given below.

1.  I've examined; to check up; a number of fish; find; smell; consistency; size; all
right; large-sized.

2.  To catch fish; 7 days ago; defrost; sardine; size; too small; texture; too soft; to be
(or not) up to practical standard.

3.  To show; catch; to take; a few specimens; for quality control; 60 tons; halibut; to
measure the size, the fat content; top-grade fish.

VIII. Act out.

1.  Ask the technologist to show you the catch. After you have checked up 100
specimens of halibut tell him that the fish are large-sized and they are of good