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There are about 300 enterprises and organizations under the authority of the State Committee of Fisheries of Ukraine; including, 118 state-owned 47 private, 29 in the process of becoming private and 94 collective enterprises. They provide a wide range of products from oceanic aid freshwater fish including fresh from. duel cured arid smoked fish as well as balyks, cans and preserves, various products of molluscs, crustaceans, algae, fish meal and other foodstuffs and commercial products. A broad rannge of trading enterprises, powerful refrigerating plants, wholesale trade corporations, shops and restaurants has ben cremated m Ukraine. The country’s fish industry is ab1e to produce the range and qiality of fish products needed to meet both the domestic requirements of the country' and support  a considerable volume of еxports.

In the period 1991 to 1994ttie output of fish food products wtas гeduced 2.7 times and the output offish meal 55 times. Since 1995, however, output has begun to increase In that year Ukraine produced 340,000 tonnes of fish products, 35% more than in 1994 In 1996, according to preliminary data, Ukraine harvested 455,000 tames of fish -and -produced 367,000 tonnes of food products Thus in 1995 8 1 kg of food products was produced per capita including 6.6 kg of foot products and in 19%, 8.9 and 7.1 kg  respectively.

Unit 2

Innovations in Smoking Technology.

With more than 60,000 installations to date, Bastra is re­garded as one of the most innovative producers of smoke houses in the world. In addition to the further development of classic smoking technology, which is currently taking place, Bastra's successful introduction of the liquid smoking process serves as evidence for this consequent search for new methods.

Undoubtedly, today's suppliers are confronted with the сchallenge of producing smoked fish products due to the healthy-eating trends and hence demand for such products in our society. The result is increased consumer interest in the processing of these products and the additives being used in their production.

The Bastra liquid smoking technology offers this growing market excellent alternatives that were previously not available with traditional smoking system.

Undesired materials such as ash and tar (which were produced during the classic smoking process) are completely removed in the production of liquid smoke through the filtering and cleaning process. However the flavour and colour of the product remains of the highest quality. Hence, through Bastramat, healthier products can be produced without such residue.

During the smoking process, all procedures can be controlled, inputted and documented through the use of appropriate Bastra-controlled technology and the visualization software, ”View & Control". Thus the producer has the ability to dictate each step of the smoking procedure.       

Apart from, the direct, positive influence of product quality (e. g. соnsistent smoking results whiсh уie1d excellent со1оur and aroma through the special development of ventilation technology} there are numerous amounts of other advantages relevant to the production pгосess:

Smoking without emissions or need for maintenance, improved hygiene and safety conditions, reduced sewage deposits as well as less waste disposal of tar, ash and sawdust remains

The Bastramat smoking trolleys are 1isted, here, as an example of practical equipment which otters 30 shelving '-levels with a 25% higher 1evel, as opposed other smoke house manufacturers trolleys. These are of a similar size but only offer 24 shelves.

Hence though this innovative product development, one can achieve reduced costs, higher productivity and increased competitiveness .

Norman Soutar, managing director of the established British company, Strathaird  Salmon,  discusses  the excellent  product quality he has achieved though Bastra products: