Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 16

7.  And besides..                                  ... some unpleasant smell appeared

IV. Complete the beginning of the following sentences. Use the words and word-combinations given below.

1.  . ..the fish quality has changed

2.  ... any more fish in your holds?

3.  ...about 200 tons offish from your ship. Thank you.

4.  ...with the fish quality. Let's stark discharging them immediately

5.  ... boxes of the fish have you trans-shipped?

6.     2 per cent of packing should be added

According to the contract, how many, the thing is that; since I'm satisfied; we've trans-shipped, have you got

V. Ash questions to the following answers. Complete the dialogue,


B. We are going to discharge the fish with our transfer pump


B. Yes, I'm fully (полностью) satisfied with the fish quality

A. ...

B.  I think we should check up the fish temperature every 30 minutes

А....                                      .

В. You should stop discharging because the quality of the fish has changed.


B. I think 250 boxes of the fish have been trans-shipped

VI. Translate into English. Complete the dialogue.

A. Мы разгружаем рыбу уже полтора часа. Давай проверим температуру

B. All right. Let's do that. I'll tell my seamen to stop discharging and wait.

A.  Я ужу замерил температуру. Все, в порядке.  Давайте продолжим

B. How often are you going to check up the fish temperature?

A. Через каждые 40 минут работы.

B. Mr. Brown. We've finished trans-shipping the cargo. How many brails have
you taken?

A. 150 стамп (камплеров)

VII. Make up the dialogues. Use the words and word-combinations given below.

1.  Mr. Ivanov, will you stop; to happen; quality; damaged fish; any more fish, hold.

2.  To be satisfied with; good quality; the weight; box; 30 kg; packing; to start

3.  It's high time; to check up the temperature of fish, how often; every 40 minutes.

VIII. Act out

1.  You loaded the batch of fish You received 700 boxes offish. Ask the technologist
to give you 2 per cent of boxed fish in addition

2.  You've finished trans-shipping the catch. Express your gratitude to the cargo-
officer and ask him to sign (подписывать) the delivery note.

IX. TranslateintoEnglish.

1. Рыба, предназначенная для перегрузки, может быть свежей, охлажденной или


2. Коробка содержит 20-30 кг рыбы, а ящик (контейнер) - 80 кг.

3.  Чтобы компенсировать вес упаковки, необходимо добавить 2% рыбы от
общего веса рыбы.

4.  Я предлагаю начать перегрузку немедленно

5.  Чем вы собираетесь перегружать рыбу? - Вакуумным насосом

6.  Почему вы прекратили перегрузку рыбы? - Качество рыбы ухудшилось.

7.  Я бы хотел посмотреть упаковку рыбы. - Пожалуйста, смотрите.


Practical Standard of Fish Size

A. Size.

The size of fish is determined either by length or by mass (weight). In the fishing industry and trade it is usual to measure length from the tip of the snout to the beginning of the medium rays of the tail fin. Sometimes, however, fish are measured for overall (absolute) length, i.e. from the tip of the snout to the center of a straight line linking the ends of the outer rays of the tail Size practical standard to different fish vary from species to species,