Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 51

The standards are brief - the ISO 9002 document, for example, has only 6 pages of relevant text - and lay down the principles that must be adopted in order to comply with the standard: Implementation of the standards requires that a management and critical examination of the plant's facilities and services and all of the processes and procedures associated with production to determine their effects on the quality of the finished products. On the basis of this review, the management develops and implements systems procedures to achieve and maintain the desired quality. Interpreting these principles, and applying them, in the context of the production unit involves much effort by companies wishing to comply with the standards. Typically it will take around 1-2 years for a company to develop and implement a QA management plan to the ISO 9002-standard.

The company might also wish to have their system accredited as complying with the standard by an accreditation agency and this will involve extra effort and costs, particularly in documentation of the system. However, companies that have gone through the process of working to the ISO 9000 standards, and perhaps gaining accreditation, usually report that the exercise has been cost effective. The detailed managerial examination of their facilities and processes, and the close managerial control required by an effective QA management system produces benefits of better utilization of physical and human resources, reduction of wastes, fewer customer complaints and fever recalls of defective products. Accreditation to appropriate ISO standards should help companies market their products and will reduce the amount of on-site inspection by the customer. It should be noted though, that the ISO standards only guarantee that a management system is ine to sustain the required quality level; it says nothing about this quality level. A processor accredited to ISO 9002 could .be producing low quality products, but he will do so consistently.

Words to be remembered

1.  management – управление                                         6. regulatory - регулирование

2.  assurance – гарантия                                                   7. brief – краткий

3.  subset – составная часть                                             8. implementation – выполнение

4.  the former – первый                                                    9. reduction – уменьшение

5.  to extend – расширять                                                10.waste – отходи

11.recall – рекламация 


1.  Translate into English the following words and write synonyms for them:

уменьшать, случаться, множество, пространство, разработать, использование, возможность, помещать, также, увеличивать, помогать, производство. 

2.  Translate into English the following words and write antonyms for them:

важый, много, подать, предотвращать, уменьшать, минимальный, улучшать, внизу, быстро, падение, долгий, новый, высокое качество.

3.  Find in the text nouns corresponding to the following words:

to manage, relevant, to assure, to develop, to install, to serve, to produce, to require, to demonstrate, to accept, to implement, to examine, to utilize, to reduce, to inspect.

4.  Find in the text verbs corresponding to the following ing words:

summary, definition, adoption, design, specification, determination, extension, considerable, achievement, maintance, involvement notice.

5.  Find the Russian equivalents in the right hand column:

1.  summarize                                                                   1. взаимодействие