Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 5

Chilblain - обмороженное место

Case history - история болезни

Rash - сыпь

То dress a wound - перевязывать рану

Faint - обморок

То lose consciousness - терять сознание

Poisoning - отравление

Kidney - заболевание почек

Concussion- сотрясение

Injury - травма

Bad/slight - серьезная/незначительная

Ulcer - язва

Nervous strake - нервный припадок

Bleeding - кровотечение

Super cooling - переохлаждение

Lungs - легкие

То vomit- страдать рвотой

Sign - признак

Diarrhea- расстройство желудка

Drug - лекарство


I.   Translate the following groups of words:

1.  You will have your blood examined.

2.  To be running a temperature.

3.  To put a dressing.

4.  I must check your blood pressure.

5.  To be X-rayed.

6.  To follow the doctor's orders,
     7. The jonts are paintful.

8.  This will keep (help) the fever down.

9.  To give sleeping draught.
10 To put a split.

II.      Answer the following questions:

1.  Have you ever been hospitalized?

2.  Did you take any medicine?

3.  What do you feel when you have flu?

4.  What illness have you recently had?

5.  What does a dentists do?

6.  Do any of you teeth need feeling?

7.  What is it necessary to do in case of fracture?

8.  What are the symptoms of pneumonia'

9.  What must it be done in case of bleeding?

III.    Match each phrase or word in the left-hand column with the best meaning in the right-hand column.

1. bandage

a) to be confined to bed through illness

2. hospital

b) to examine a patient

3. to be laid up with the flu (cold sore  throat etc)

c) a common illness of the nose accom nied by sneezing and running nose

4. cold in the head

d) a pain in a tool or teeth

5. ointment

e) the art and science of the prevention and cure of disease

6. medicine

f) sorts of medicinal paste made from oil or fat and used on the skin (to head injuries or roughness or as a cosmetic)

7. surgeon

g) strip of material for binding round a wound or injury

8. cough

h) condition of the body or the mind

9. toothache

i) continuous pain in the head

10. to give a patient a (thorough) check 

j) act or sound be coughing up

11. headache

k) a doctor who performs operations

12. health

1) a place where people are treated for, nursed through their illness or injuries