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Nevertheless, the necessity, based on the implementation of intelligent diversification measures, of being able to of­fer the consumer a variety of high-quality natural products that will then reach the corre­sponding target groups due to many different variants of flavour and aroma continues to exist.

On the basis of this knowl­edge, the development of a new refinement process fo­cused on the achievement of product safety and stability for the end product as well as the creation of a user-friendly, practical technology for cold and hot smoking processes.

The result of a development project in collaboration with Van Hees and Red Arrow is a completely new process for the smoke refinement of fish, products.

This smoke-flavouring-system consists of a new equipment and control system technolo­gy for BASTRAMAT universal roasting, cooking and smoking installations as well as of a newly developed flavoured smoke that is capable of bind­ing the natural flavours that have also been newly devel­oped and specifically adapted to suit this new smoke-flavouring-system.

This new process therefore provides the perfect basic re­quirement for a diversification of the range of smoked prod­ucts being offered. With these flavoured- smoke- refined products, the consumer is provided with new variants of flavour that meet the require­ments of high-quality fish products. Here, the following flavoured smoke variants are available: juniper, lemon, spices such as dill, pepper, chilli and corian­der, alcohol flavours such as whiskey, rum, cognac, calvados and kirsch, and herbs suchas marjoram and thyme, honey, nut, asparagus, melon as well as roasting, grilling and bacon flavours.

The new BASTRA technology lets the user, without making any special changeovers, use at least 7 different variants of flavour and aroma after one another in one smoke house. The flavoured smoke types are stored maintenance-free and ungressurised in separate containers and can used im­mediately. The desired flavour is taken from the container automatically according to pre-adjustable programming. Then, with compressed air be­ing supplied through the twocomponent nozzle installed above the chamber bottom, it is atomised to form a stable, dry smoke-air mixture under a pressure of 6 bar.

The newly developed micro­processor control system MC 800 also makes sure that, among other things, the flavoured smoke being used for the smoking process jus: about to be completed is sc precisely dosed that it is used up entirely at the end of the program. The conduit system cleaned by means of com­pressed air without leaving behind any residue is then, without any further handling being required, immediately available for a new smoking process with one of the other flavoured smoke types.

This BASTRA smoke – flavoiring - technology is charac­terised by the fact that it car be operated safely and efficiently on a maintenance - free basis without any expensive approval procedures, costly emissions measurements, and without any risk of fires or explosions.

High product safety, an automatically controlled process, sequence as well as a high degree of variability during any product and process changes guarantee operating safety and economic efficiency.

Words to be remembered:

1.  refinement – обработка                        7. to adopt -  приспосабливать

2.  herbs – травы                                        8. range – разнообразие

3.  spices – специи                                     9. changeover – замена оборудования

4.  precisely – строго                                  10.compressed – сжатый

5.  implementation - выполнение             11.residue – осадок

6.  creation – создание

Для выполнения упражнений необходимо повторить употребление отрицаний в английском языке. В английском предложении может быть только одно отрицание (ср. Никто никому ничего нигде никогда не говорил) Nobody has ever told anybody any thing anywhere). Очень часто отрицание передается с помощью частиц not и no. В повествовательном предложении частица notстоит рядом с глаголом.