Методические указания на "Сборник текстов по дисциплине «Деловой английский язык»", страница 73

7.         as to, as for (Conjunction)  относительно, что касается
The question as to the most desirable conditions to be maintained in summer in air-conditioned buildings is not yet satis­factorily answered.


1.  for (Preposition) для, ради, за; переводится также дат. пад.

Grades of steel are available having properties adapted for resistance to corrosion.

Since the very first days of its existence the Soviet Union has been fighting for peace throughout the world.

The Great October Socialist Revolution, which was the logi­cal outcome of social development, blazed the wide trail for all mankind to Communism.

2.for (Preposition) в течение, в продолжение

Space flights prove that it is possible for man to tolerate the conditions of space flight for prolonged periods.

for the first time в первый раз

On November 1, 1962, for the first time in history, an auto­matic interplanetary station, the "Mars-1" was launched from the Soviet Union in the direction of Mars.

3.       for (Preposition) ибо; ввиду того, что

A liquid has a definite size, for it will fill a container to a certain level, forming a free surface, but it does not have a definite shape.

In studying nature systematically the scientist has to pro­ceed carefully for nature is full of surprises.


1.     before (Preposition) до, перед

Shortly before the beginning of operation the machine was carefully inspected and checked.

2.       before (Conjunction) до того как, перед тем как
Shortly before  the machine  was  set  in  operation,  it  was carefully inspected and checked.


1.after (Preposition) после, за, через, спустя

If you look at the cloudless sky after midnight, you will notice a rather bright, reddish star. This is the planet Mars. If a body returns to its original state after being slightly displaced, the equilibrium is known to be stable.

2.       after (Conjunction) после того как

After the concept of temperature became understood, there were many centuries of scientific development before the real nature of heat was established.


1.      since (Preposition) с, после

The Weather Bureau usually finds it convenient to use a maximum or minimum thermometer which registers the high­est and lowest temperatures reached since the last setting.

since then стехпор

The first decree of Soviet power was the Decree on Peace. Since then the Soviet Union has been carrying on a policy of peace and friendship with all the peoples of our planet.

2.sinсe (Conjunctionс тех пор как; так как;  поскольку; хотя

Since the power station was opened it has operated continu­ously.

The great ideas of the October Revolution are spreading far and wide. This is not surprising since they liberate people from social injustice, from all forms of oppression and exploitation, from the horrors of war, and proclaim Peace, Labour, Freedom, Equality, Fraternity and Happiness for all nations.


1.it (PronounPersonal) он, она, оно  (о предметах).

The summer temperature at the equator of Mars does not exceed 25°C. and in winter, at the poles, it drops to 100°C. below zero and even more.

2.     it (Pronoun Impersonal) (не переводится)

It is possible to observe sunrises and sunsets on Mars just as on the Earth.