Времена английского глагола, действительный залог. Перевод форм английского глагола на русский язык, страница 30

an unexpected computer programme development problem – неожиданная проблема  разработки компьютерных программ

an unexpected but easy-to-solve computer programme development problem – неожиданная, но легко разрешимая проблема  разработки компьютерных программ

Переведите словосочетания на русский язык, учитывая смысловые связи между компонентами словосочетаний.

а) colourful holiday photographs, a central London hotel, a golf club scandal, a 15-minute coffee break, a wonderful hand-made dining room carpet, high income tax, third-year students, the World Swimming Championship, an expensive video cassette recorder, a tedious day-to-day work б) machine building industry, wide area telephone service, artificial earth satellite orbit, voltage-sensitive device, up-to-date measuring instrument design, general-purpose computer applications, start-stop telegraph signal, large scale integration circuit, user information transfer rate, urgent hardware and software problem solution

5. Выделите в тексте многокомпонентные словосочетания. Переведите их на русский язык.

By 1987 the computer market on American college campuses was thriving. Sales people from all the personal computer companies were actively pursuing the business of college administrators, professors and officials. They were selling computers less than half price and were adding attractive bonuses such as free software and support services. They were willing to venture a great deal of time and money in this market because they foresaw that it would thrive for a long time. There are 14 million people who provide or receive education on campuses, including 12.5 million new freshmen every year. Students who also buy computers are likely to become lifetime customers who may enter business after graduation and influence corporate buying decisions.

6. Выберите вариант перевода следующих словосочетаний.

1. food and luxury items

a) роскошные предметы и питание б) продукты питания и предметы роскоши

2. space research laboratories

а) лаборатории космических исследований б) лабораторные исследования в космосе

3. a direct current system

а) система постоянного тока б) постоянный ток системы

4. required manufacturing facilities

а) необходимое производство оборудования б) необходимое производственное оборудование

5. digital image processing means

а) средства цифровой обработки изображений б) цифровые средства обработки изображений

6. switching type transistor characteristics

а) характеристики переключения типового транзистора б) характеристики транзистора переключающего типа

7. an original, well-known waste disposal method

а) оригинальный, хорошо известный метод ликвидации отходов б) оригинальный метод ликвидации хорошо известных отходов

7. Переведите текст на русский язык.


What is more important to mankind than the inventions of the Industrial Revolution? There can be only one answer: the Internet. Multimedia, the electronic publishing revolution, is entering every area of our lives – college, work and home.

The electronic superhighway provides an entry to libraries, research institutions, databases, art galleries, census bureaus, etc. For those of us interested in intellectual communications Cyberspace is a universal community, with instant access not only to information anywhere, but also to friends old and new around the globe.

Large scale use of computer-to-computer transfer of information was implemented by the US military in the late 60s and early 70s – part of the superpower competition of the cold war and the arms race. The US military created an electronic network to use computers for handling the transfer of large amounts of sensitive data over long   distances at incredible speed. Computer-to-computer virtual connections, using satellites and fiber optics, have distinct advantages over telephone or radio communiсations in the event of nuclear attack. Mathematicians and scientists have been linked and electronically exchanging information over the Internet since the mid-70s. Now the Internet has become commercialized with private and public companies offering access to it. (CompuServe is the best-known international commercial electronic access provider). The Internet is being expanded and improved so that every home, every school, every institution can be linked to share data, information, music, video and other resources. If you have a computer or a computer terminal, some kind of connection (probably, modem and telephone line) to the Internet, and some kind of Internet service provider, you can participate in electronic communication and become a citizen of the global village.