Времена английского глагола, действительный залог. Перевод форм английского глагола на русский язык, страница 24

4. В следующих предложениях выберите подходящее по смыслу  причастие  1 или 2, заключенное в скобках. Переведите предложения.

1. Newton assumed that light was made of many small particles (moving / moved) at high speeds. 2. This figure represents light particles (leaving / left) a source in many directions. 3. A group of such particles (traveling / traveled) in parallel paths is called a beam of light. 4. The experiments (carrying / carried) out in our laboratory are rather interesting. 5. The metal (using / used) in that experiment was titanium. 6. The results (receiving / received) changed with the material used. 7. The problem (concerning / concerned) must be analyzed in detail. 8. The period (following / followed) this invention was very productive. 

      5. Определите функцию причастия 2 и переведите предложения.

1.The task set was not an easy one. 2. The algorithm chosen in this study is a simplified and slightly modified version of Wagner’s model. 3. Given all the necessary information he could continue his investigation. 4. The articles thus far written on the subject are of little interest. 5. Unless checked the results cannot be applied in the research. 6. The scientific papers referred to in his report are all worth attentive reading. 7. When arranged the elements formed a complete amplifier circuit. 8. Having been given due attention the problem was successfully solved. 9. The results obtained showed the stability of the system under conditions given above. 10. The measurements so far made are to be repeated.

6. Определите тип оборота с Причастием 2 и переведите предложения:

1. Logical operations performed by a computer are comparing, selecting, sorting and determining. 2. When passed through the reading equipment the characters are read in a way similar to a way used for a magnetic tape. 3. When we called on our friend we found him gone. 4. We heard the dam blown up. 5. The family wanted the case investigated by somebody else. 6. He has just had his flat redecorated. 7. The scientists found the Egyptians well acquainted with the manufacture of glass. 8. From the Northern station Venus is seen projected upon the Sun’s surface. 9. Every body preserves its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by some external force. 10. The angle of incidence of the electron beam on the crystal fixed, the accelerating potential was varied gradually. 11. All the bodies expand when heated. 12. The filament is fixed inside a metal cylinder, the combination enclosed in a glass valve. 13. An electron computer forms an impressively complex device, when viewed as a whole. 14. All the necessary preparations done, the lab technician began testing the operating parameters of a radio receiver. 15. While used, precision instruments require very delicate handling. 16. Computation of the problem completed, the computer displayed the answers. 17. We heard a car stopped outside the door. 18. A positive pulse of voltage applied, we made the semiconductor diode conducting. 19. When analyzed in these assumptions the problem seems to be less critical. 20. All the dimensions are in mm, unless otherwise specified in the drawings. 21. The research team announced the first series of experiments completed.


Инфинитив – неопределенная форма глагола. Формальный признак – частица “to” перед глаголом.                                                                                                                   

 Формы инфинитива