Времена английского глагола, действительный залог. Перевод форм английского глагола на русский язык, страница 20

1.  The number of houses (строящихся) for the population of Moscow is rapidly growing.            a) building            b) having built          c) being built

2.  The workers (строящие) this house use new construction methods and tools.          

a) building      c) being built     b) having built       

3.  (Построив) the house the workers moved to another construction site.

a) being built           b) building           c) having built

4.  At the conference they discussed new methods (используемые) in construction works at present.       a) using     b) being used     c) having been used

5.  Workers (использующие) the most up-to-date methods of work must get proper training in them.     a) using    c) having used    b) being used    

6.  (Будучи использованными) in construction works these tools proved their great effectiveness.    a) being used    b) having been used   c) using

7.  Here are some samples of products of this plant (отправляемых) to different parts of the country.       a) sending     b) having sent      c) being sent

8.  (Отправив) our products to the industrial exhibition we concluded a number of new contracts.         a) having sent       b) having been sent         c) sending

9.  (Отправляя) our advertising leaflets to different companies we hope to find new business partners.   a) having sent     b) being sent         c) sending

10. (Будучи отправленными) to different exhibitions our products attracted a lot of attention.                    a) having sent      b)having been sent        c) being sent

3.  Выберите нужную форму причастия. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1.  The new methods … in the building of the houses prove to be effective.

a) being used    b) using    c) having used

2.  They reached the oasis at last … across the endless desert the whole day.

a) traveling          b) having traveled      c) being traveled

3. At the conference the students made reports on the new methods … in research work.

a) using      b) being used               c) having been used

4. … the letter was taken to the post.

a) having written  b) writing        c)having been written

4. Замените выделенный глагол в личной форме причастием.

Образец:As we were given dictionaries, we had no difficulties in translating the article. / Having been given (Being given...) dictionaries, we had no difficulties in translating the article.

  1. As she had been walking most of the night, she felt tired and sleepy.
  1. After he was shown in, he was told to take off his coat and wait for a while.
  2. When Ann opened the parcel, she saw a new volume of the scientific magazine.
  3. When he had passed the last examination, he began to look round for a job.
  4. When I entered the room I saw a woman standing by the window.
  5. When we had finally reached the river we decided to stay there and relax.
  6. As I had never seen anything like that before I was eager to see the performance.
  7. When I take a child to the theater I always know I’ll enjoy it myself.
  8. Whenever she spoke on the subject she looked nervous and unhappy.

5. Найдите причастие в функции определения. Переведите  предложения на русский язык.      

1.  a) Measuring the temperature at various points was followed by studying its differences.

b) Measuring the temperature at various points the scientist used this new device.

c) The scientist measuring the temperature at various points used this new device.

2.  a) Being poor conductors of electricity all gases can be used as insulators.

b) All gases being poor conductors of electricity can be used as insulators.

c) All gases being poor conductors of electricity, we can use them as  insulators.

6. Найдите причастие в функции обстоятельства. Переведите предложения на русский язык.