Времена английского глагола, действительный залог. Перевод форм английского глагола на русский язык, страница 21

1.  a) Leaving a transmitting antenna a radio wave travels in all directions.

b) A radio wave leaving a transmitting antenna travels in all directions.

c) After leaving a transmitting antenna a radio wave travels in all directions.

2.   a) The laboratory being equipped with modern instruments carried out important experiments.

b) The laboratory being equipped with modern instruments, important experiments will be carried out   in it.

c) Being equipped with modern instruments the laboratory carried out important experiments.

3.   a) Having been heated the liquid speeded up the reaction.

b) By heating the liquid we speeded up the reaction.

c) The liquid having been heated, the speed of the reaction increased.

7. Определите тип причастного оборота и переведите предложения на русский язык.

1.We saw the fire being put out. 2. She watched the piano being carried up the staircase. 3. We heard the dam being blown up. 4. Water being heated to a certain temperature, its volume increases. 5. The problem having been supplied in the form of numbers, the machine processed this information. 6. The scientists studied the problem of low temperatures, the results being published in a paper. 7. The scientists have made a lot of experiments, valuable data being obtained.  8. A conductor carrying the alternating current, radio waves are emitted. 9. Photons were observed leaving various elements. 10. Substances are defined as having a definite invariant composition. 11. With the experiments having been carried out, they started new investigations. 12. In the metric system the unit of distance is the meter, with other units being obtained by multiplying the meter by ten or a multiple of ten.


Таблицы дать отдельно


1. Переведите выделенные слова.

1) The student was proud of having fulfilled the work in time.

а) выполняет                 б) выполнит               в) выполнил

2)  Translating from one language into another requires good knowledge of both languages. а) перевод                б) переводя             в) чтобы перевести

3) Semiconductors are excellent means of generatingheat and cold from electricity.

а) получающие         б) получения           в) получая

4) By raising the cathode temperature we increase the number of emitted electrons.

а) для увеличения   б) увеличивая        в) увеличив

5) The way of protecting buildings from thunderstorms was invented by Franklin.

а) защиты                    б) защищающий               в) защищаемый

6)  Transmittingthe human voice around the earth became possible by means of radio.

а) передающий        б) передавая           в) передача

7)  Numerous interruptions prevented him from finishing his work.

а) завершить           б) завершая            в) от завершения

8)  Godfrey had many reasons for hating his brother.

а) ненавидя             б) для ненависти         в) из-за ненависти

9)  Just before leaving the hotel the traveler made a phone call.

а) перед отъездом     б) уезжая       в) покинув

10) He died without making a will.

а) не оставив         б) оставив        в) оставляя

2. Найдите герундий в одной из функций и переведите предложения:

- в функции подлежащего:

a) Performing arithmetic operations a computer works at a very high speed.

b) Performing arithmetic operations is the function of the arithmetic unit.

c) The unit performing arithmetic operations works at a very high speed.

-  в функции именной части сказуемого

a) Newton’s favorite work was experimenting.

b) Newton was experimenting with light.

c) Newton spent much time experimenting.

 -  в функции определения

a) The rules of operating these machines are very simple.

b) The machines operating in our shop are very simple.

c) Operating these machines he followed the necessary rules.