Времена английского глагола, действительный залог. Перевод форм английского глагола на русский язык, страница 28

6. Преобразуйте приведенные ниже предложения в другие с оборотом “сложное дополнение” и переведите полученные предложения на русский язык.

ОбразецI want that you will finish this article in a day. = I want you to finish this article in a day.

1. We are hoping that you will stay with us longer. 2. He didn’t see how she left. 3. I suppose that he can write this program well. 4. Have you ever heard how he spoke French? 5. They expect that  you will take part in compiling a plan for our department. 6. They saw how the man got off the train. 7. I heard that he mentioned your name. 8. I want that you should recast this account. 9. We expect

that the plane will arrive in half an hour. 10. We find that this value is accurate enough. 11. We suppose that he deals with hardware design. 12. They expected that we had found the solution of the equation. 13. We believe that this device will be of great use in our laboratory. 14. The engineer recommended that they should do their best to complete the task immediately. 15. They watched how the temperature was gradually rising.

7. Замените сложные предложения простыми, содержащими оборот “сложное подлежащее” и переведите полученные предложения на русский язык.

Образец: For a long time it was thought that the atom is indivisible. = For a long time the atom was thought to be indivisible.

1. It is known that he is a great scientist. 2. It was expected that the members of the committee would approve this design. 3. It is reported that the delegation has left London. 4. It is supposed that this effect has occurred during the electrical discharge. 5. It is said that the light thus produced is a spontaneous emission.  6. It is assumed that ozone hole is threatening the globe as a whole. 7. It seems that this financial plan will be implemented. 8. It appeared that the opening of the conference had been put off. 9. It is said that there are many difficulties in solving this problem. 10. It happened so that he was at home at that time. 11. It is proved that light travels in straight lines. 12. They are probably familiar with this phenomenon. 13. It is well known that density changes with temperature. 14. Surely, expert systems will lay the foundation for creating artificial intelligence. 15. Everybody thinks that Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft Corporation


(«цепочки» существительных)

В беспредложном словосочетании главным словом является последнее. Все слова, стоящие слева от него, играют роль определений. Перевод беспредложных словосочетаний следует начинать с главного слова.





1.   tennis                                                                ball

↓                                                                     ↓

для  игры в теннис         какой?       ←                мяч

2.    radio                    wave                           propagation

↓                            ↓                                          ↓

радио ← каких?    волн   чего?    ← распространение   

теннисный мяч




1. serious                      health                          problems

↓                                 ↓                                    ↓                              серьезные   какие?  ← здоровья         чего? ←проблемы

2. remote                                control                     system

↓                                            ↓                              ↓

удаленного       ← какого?   управления  чего? ← система                       


проблемы со здоровьем


дистанционного управления


1. experienced                   project                      manager

↓                                  ↓                                 ↓

опытный  ←    какой?  проекта  чего?  ← руководитель

2. alternating                        current                    value

↓                                     ↓                            ↓

переменного   ←   какого?    тока    чего?  ← значение  

опытный руководитель проекта

значение переменного тока


1.company                   financial                     performance

↓                                ↓                                   ↓

компании ← кого финансовая   какая? ← деятельность

2. current                      measuring                         device

↓                                  ↓                                     ↓

ток   ←  что?      измеряющий    какой?  ← прибор

финансовая деятельность


прибор для измерения тока



1. three                  -                wheel                        bike

↓                                           ↓                             ↓

с тремя←  со сколькими?  с колесами с чем? ← велосипед          

2. first                   -                line                     manager

↓                                         ↓                              ↓

первого   ←  какого?              звена    чего?  ←  менеджер



менеджер низшего (первого) звена



1.easy            -              to-cook                               dish

↓                                    ↓                                       ↓

легко←как?   для приготовления   какое?   ← блюдо

2. ready-to-receive                                                  signal

↓                                                                    ↓

готовности начать прием    ←     какой?       ←    сигнал

блюдо легкого приготовления

сигнал готовности к приему