Дидактический материал для практических занятий по английскому языку, страница 18

1. help you with English grammar; 2. lend you a dollar; 3. show you the way to the nearest self-service cafe; 4. stay with the children;

5. help you with the shopping. 6. meet your friend at the airport;
7. return the book he/she borrowed.

b) You are Managing Director of Brown and Company. Ask
your secretary to do a favor for you:

1. bring the new mail; 2. buy some envelopes; 3. ty»e the letter for you; 4. bring a cup of coffee. 5. give somebody a message from you;

6.       check some information; 7. make an appointment with the business

partner; 8. read something and give your opinion; 9. remind you about the seminar; 10. receive a foreign delegation.

III.Supply the missing request:


-"...."-"Of course."

-"...." - "Here you are."

-"...."-"All right. (1 will.)"

 - " ...." - "Most willingly"

-"... ."-"O'K. I won't."

IV.        Reply immediately to the following requests. Say why you
want things done for you.

1. Could you spare me a moment? 2. Will you strike out my name (from the list)? 3. Will you give me a word of advice? 4. Would you be so kind as to let me know when the chief engineer shows up? 5. Could you give me a form to fill in? 6. Give me the telephone direc­tory, will > u? 7. Let me have a look at your equipment. Where is it?

V. Make up short conversations in the following situations with varying degrees of politeness:

1.You've borrowed a disc from a friend a month ago, and now he is ask ing you to return it.

2.You're driving your friends home. You are a bit tired and your
friends are annoying you with their singing. What will you say?

3.You've been ill for a week and want to catch up the work
you've missed. Ask one of your colleagues to give you some help.

4.4. A visitor comes to your office and asks to see your boss, but he's out. Ask the visitor to come back later.

5. You want your fellow-student to find out from someone: