Дидактический материал для практических занятий по английскому языку, страница 17

    Вы не напомните мне сделать это?

   He внесете меня в список желающих?

     Вы не позвоните мне на работу?


Will you give me your phone         He дадите мне Ваш номер телефона
lumber address/ fax, please?          (адрес, телефон, факс)?

Could you show me round?            He могли бы Вы быть моим ги­дом?

Hold the line, please.                 He вешайте трубку, пожалуйста.

Don't hang up, please

Give me  information, please.              Дайте мне справочное бюро,

             пожалуйста (по телефону).
Come on, be a sport.                 Ну, пожалуйста, будь человеком.

Possible replies may be:

(Yes,) certainly, (formal)

(Yes,) of course, (semi-formal, informal)

With pleasure.

Most willingly.

All  right. - expressing a lesser degree of willingness.

O'K. - informal, often casual (only among friends).

 Not at all. - in reply to "Would you mind?"

I don't mind ...    in the least

...    a bit

I will.  - Да, я сделаю это.

 I'm afraid I can't.

Sorry, I can't. - К сожалению, я не смогу

 I wish I could. - Жаль, но я не смогу

Negative requests:

If you want someone not to do something, we can say
Please, don't.                    .                   '

Would you mind ... ing?

Try not to...

The reply depends on the circumstances. Here are the examples:

a) - Please, don't tell my boss.

- All right. (Don't worry, I won't.)

b) - Would you mind not increasing the price?

- Sorry, it depends on 6ur suppliers.

       c) - Try not to be late.       ...

-I won't (I'll do my best).

L Make up short dialogues of varying degrees ofpoiiteness us­ing the requests and replies given as examples above. Reproduce them with another student.

II. a) Treat your neighbour as an acquaintanc, not a close friend. Ask him to: