Дидактический материал для практических занятий по английскому языку, страница 16

Would you mind ... ing?                                                

You may also use tag-questions:

You can help him, can't you?

Another possibility is to use the please-form imperative:

Please, give me this book, or: Give me this book, please.

f the British want to be especially polite they, generally avoid di­rect ways of asking for favors and prefer to use the past forms:   

I wanted to know...                                        

I was wandering/thinking if...

Remember: the most important thing about asking favors of peo­ple is how you ask and what intonation you use, rather than the actual words you use. So, when making a polite request, preference should be given to the so-called pseudo-interrogative forms such as:

Could/Would/Will you ...please?

Do you think you could ... ?

Do/Would you mind ... please?

Won't you ... please? (a warm request)

Will yon be so kind as... ?

I hate to bother you, but could


Could you do me a favour?

May I have a word with you?

Coutd you spare me a mo­ment?

Coutd you break a ten dollar bill?

Мне очень не хочется Вас беспо­коить, но не могли бы Вы ...?

Вы не могли бы сделать мне одол­жение?

Могу я с Вами поговорить?

Вы не могли бы уделить мне ми­нуту?

Вы не могли бы разменять 10 дол­ларов?

Could you see me home?

Will you put in a word for me?

Will you keep a seat for me?

Will you please make a room

for me?/ Will you move over a bit? Will you remind me to do it?

Will you put me on waiting list? Call me up at the office, will you?

Не проводите меня до дому?

    Замолвите за меня словечко?

     Вы не займете мне место?

      Вы не подвинетесь?